Passiflora mexicana needed

chrisven(Zone 9)April 22, 2008


On April 17th, 2008, Thursday, I received 3 Passiflora plants from Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants. Passiflora: Capsularis 'Vanilla', Serratifolia, and Mexicana.

They seem to be adjusting o.k. so far, except for the Mexicana, its main stem is toothpick thin, the leaves are curled, and doming, and starting to yellow a tad...I may lose it.

The plants came from Washougal, WA., not far from Portland, OR., then they went right through their destination city of Bakersfield, CA., up and over the Grapevine/Ridge Route/Tejon Pass on I-5 to the Santa Clarita, CA. U.S. Postal Mail Sort Facility, then up Interstate 5 again, a climb of at least 3,000 feet, and back down to Bakersfield, where I am. So with all that, I am going to say they have got to be confused in some way, with all the elevation change of up, down, up, down, in such a short distance.

If my Mexicana plant doesn't make it, is there anyone out there that grows Mexicana, and could send me a plant with a healthy appearing thick stem, and not toothpick thin?

What can you tell me?

Chrisven in Bakersfield, CA., U.S.A..

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jblaschke(8b TX)

I've been coaxing along a mexicana for a while now. Their stems never do seem to get very thick. I've gotten several over the years (believe me, that's not easy) and killed most of them (disturbingly easy, unfortunately). They really don't like a lot of water. They, more than other passis, seem to want well-drained soil. But at the same time, they don't want to dry all the way out. If the leaves on yours are yellowing and doming, it may very well be too wet--even if you give it the same water you give other passis.

I've not had a lot of luck with cuttings from mine, but I have some going now that I'm optimistic might take. If so, I'll be happy to trade with you.

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