Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Beans

gldno1September 28, 2010

Helen, did you grow any of these this year?

I saved seeds from the ones you sent me last year and planted them at the base of the Reid's Yellow Dent Corn.

They were planted late and are just now producing. I have picked 3 bowls of them so far. They are becoming my favorite bean. They are never tough at any stage and are very flavorful.

Thanks for sending me those seeds that started it all!

From Bouquets

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

No I didn't get any beans planted or the annual flowers seeds that I bought. My friend was ill and had surgery in late May. I was lucky to get all my tomatoes planted. My garden was grown up in weeds and grass by the time I could work on it.

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I am sorry to hear that; I hope all is well now.

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Helen - It takes some time for anyone to get caught up again when there's a setback like that. Sometimes we have to put gardening aside for more important things and just let the weeds go.
Baker Creek carries Cherokee Trail of Tears too. Does this look like the same one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker Creek

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I forgot to say I am glad you had success with them Glenda. I only ordered them in the first place because you real vegetable gardeners mentioned pole beans. I am sure they grew like that because you took good care of them. My vegetable garden is usually limited to what goes in a salad. I could eat a salad for every meal including breakfast.

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Yep, that's it. Don't buy seeds if you want to try a few, Christie. I am pretty sure I still have some left and this year's may have time to dry....not sure about that with this early cold.

Helen, I am going to make a veggie gardener out of you yet!
If you could find a place among the perennials for a couple of teepees, you could raise enough pole beans to just eat fresh for weeks. If you pick them very slender, a and leave whole, they saute in minutes in a bit of oil of choice (bacon fat for me). They are a very pretty vine with pink blooms and would not look out of place among the flowers.

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Do you have a picture of your teepee Glenda? How tall is it? I've seen bundles of green bamboo poles for sale somewhere, but not sure they would be tall enough. I would love to try some. That's one vegetable my kids actually eat, if I cook them with enough bacon.

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This year I raised them on my corn stalks; last year just on the the garden fence and they ran along the top of the fence and that worked fine.

In the past I have used either 8 foot or 6 foot bamboo poles (4)) tied at the top with several rounds of baler twine. The best technique would be just one cattle panel bent in a hoop with two t-posts on either side at the corners. Plant on both sides and they will run up and over the top and just hand down inside the panels for picking. That would give you about 8 feet of beans. If you allow about 6 feet between the bends it will be tall enough to walk under but bend easily with two people.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The teepee sounds good to me. I think it would look pretty. I think I have enough tree sprouts to gather for that if I would just do it. That is after the ticks are gone and the snakes are sleeping.

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