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p_mac(7)May 27, 2011

A VERY dear friend of mine in the MWC area gave me cuttings of 2 types of thyme. One is the creeping type that I've searched all over to find. The other is what she called "lavendar thyme". I desperately would love to grow each of these. To have her share this with me is so important. She's semi-retired from Boeing and has been a mentor of mine for almost 20 years. I really, really, really want to keep these going. How do I do it?

I have powdered rooting hormone. Do I use that? I suspect so because none of the healthy branches have apparent "roots"...although she told me to just stick them in the dirt and they would grow. I'm keeping them for the "thyme" being with their bare cuts in moist paper towels, and then into a gallon zip-lock as closed as I can with out totally cutting off any air. Any advice? Thnx in advance.


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I'd stick them in good potting soil and keep them moist. They'll root. However, I doubt that your rooting hormone could be anything but beneficial.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I agree with George. I don't see how using a rooting hormone ever could harm cuttings you're trying to root.

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I have good luck using a rooting aquarium. Or if I don't have that much to root I'll use a plastic container with soil* in it on a heat mat and plastic wrap draped over the top. I don't worry about drainage since they're just in it for a short time. Most things will have roots in a couple of weeks. Although my Hoya obovata took about 9 months... I finally potted it up last weekend.

*By soil, I mean something sterile with fine particles. I've used the dusty bits from the Green Country Pine Mulch bag, sphagnum, potting soil, coconut fiber reptile bedding (this actually works the best for me), etc.

Thanks for posting this thread, Paula. You reminded me of some things I've been meaning to take cuttings from and root.

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