Anyone growing lupines in Philly area?

lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)September 24, 2008

I can't grow lupines due to burning hot sun in my yard, but I am wondering if anyone has experience growing them in the metro Philly area? Under what conditions do they thrive (or not thrive)? I'm teaching a class and I'm wondering if these plants are grown here much. They thrive in my home state of MI but I don't see them much in PA.

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Too hot here for lupines - unfortunately! They grow wild in Maine and they are beautiful. They are similar to delphiniums - they may grow for a year but it is hard to get them to return. You have to treat them like annuals.

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The only lupine I ever had any luck with isn't even a lupine but is sold as one carolina lupine. It's big and yellow It looks more like baptista or false indigo.

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I do know that there is someone in my area (appr. 40 miles NW of Philly) that grows them and they are stunning when in bloom. They are there each year. I don't know if the plant is coming back each year or if they are reseeding.

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rebow(6 Philly)

I must be a glutton for punishment b/c I 've tried these several times in the various microclimates in my yard and they always die. I live 25 minutes NW of Philly

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I know this is an old post, but thought I might give you some positive experience growing lupines here. I live in Princeton, NJ and have been finally successful growing lupines. In fact, the same plants come back the following year, even bigger; as well as new baby plants coming in volunteer spots! Good luck - it can be done!

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I can grow them in SW Pa in partial shade. Try morning sun only in SE Pa. They are easy to grow from seed also.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I also grow them here in Lancaster, but they are short-lived perennials in the best of times. They don't like hot baking sun, so I grow them in morning sun, plus they like an acid soil, so I add a soil amendment when I plant them (maybe some pine needles). Mulch them well to keep the roots cool.

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