Should I stop them from Fruiting?

gnappiApril 3, 2011

I have been hand pollinating my two passion fruit vines with great success. But now I'm wondering if I should start pulling the flowers off. Each plant has over 15 fruits in varying stages of growth and I'm not sure they can support the load physically from the weight, or to support them nutritionally.

Can they support an unlimited number of fruit or should I start pinching off the flowers after they start to wilt?

Any help would be appreciated

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I'd just stop hand pollinating. The plant will likely self abort any fruit that it can't handle. If you see that the weight of the fruit is too much I'd try and rig up a support. If that doesn't work then removing fruit might be necessary.

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I totally agree with Karyn. If nutritionally the plant cannot handle all the fruit, it should thin itself out without you having to intervene. Fruit trees like plums do this all the time. As for physical limitations, I would build something to help with the weight. Also, I have seen P. edulis plants with way more than 15 fruit. Enjoy, and be happy you can grow them so successfully!

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