With all the Jap. beetles we had this summer.....

glorysbrite(z6PA-Berks)September 17, 2006

are you all using milky spore to kill the grubs? If we don't treat the lawn now, will we have a zillion JBs again next year?! We just planted lots of shrubs, grasses & a cherry tree. I don't want to lose 'em to next year's crop of JBs. Will i lose lots of lawn from the grubs? We have 2 acres of grass & i can't imagine treating all that space by spreading a teaspoon of milky spore every 4 feet in a grid pattern? Does anyone know how we can treat a large area?

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The abundance of JB's this year has driven me to have the yard sprayed. The JB's and the moles the grubs attracted were devistating this summer. This kind of control only lasts a season, and needs repeated each year. I don't like doing it, I feel there has to be some benificial creatures harmed when using chemicals in the lawn. The company I contracted with for spraying now and again in the spring says it won't harm any thing but the grubs of JB's and May Beatles. I am skeptical. And if the neighbors on all sides of my 3/4 acre don't do any control measures, how much good will my spraying really do? I agree it is daunting to think of the task in doing a large area not to mention the cost...and again, if the neighbors don't do it, what have we accomplished?

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

If you look on the directions for milky spores I think it states it takes several years to work completely, each year you should see a reduction in JB's. But it works for along time after that so it is worth the time and effort...in the long run. Personnally I just ignore the damage...it doesn't kill the plant and besides I don't care what it does to the lawn. But then again I live in the mountains and aleady have a limited lawn. But, if you want to immediately control the grubs unfortunately the only option out there is chemicals. And if anyone says it doesn't kill anything but the grubs of JB's & May beetles they are lying big time and I'd run from them as fast as possible...they are only telling you what you want to hear not necessarily the truth. I just found this out by talking to my exterminator, he said they mostly over treat peoples homes because that is what they expect. I told him from now on only treat what is needed at my house.

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

There is a pelletized version of milky spore that can be broadcasted like fertilizer. That would be a lot easier for covering 2 acres. I'm pretty sure it works out to cost more though.

I treated my lawn last summer. This spring, I saw several milky white grubs when I was digging a new bed, so that was encouraging. We'll just have to wait to see how much it helps with the damage caused by adults, since they could fly in from elsewhere.


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Yeah, I heard the Plant Doctor on WHP580 several times mention the milky spore. Once it's established, it can last for twenty years. Sounds worth it to me. I hope you're careful with any pets you have using those chemicals.

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Do the Milky spore treatment. My first treatment was 2 years ago and this year, I really noticed the difference.They used to devour my porceline vine this year the damage was very minimal. Next year possibly none. Should I dare to hope??

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

I put milky spore down last week. I also put grub killer down this Spring.

With all the farm acreage around me, I think it is a waste of time. My roses lure every beetle to my place. Next, if the beetles persist, I'll take out the roses.

I still have beetles in my roses. June through October.

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