bullfrogs wasting food, dead birds in pond

RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)September 10, 2005

my bullfrogs emerged about 2 1/2 months ago and are a decent size. well lately they've been taking birds, holding on to them and then letting them go when they realize the birds are too big to swallow, but by this time the birds have drowned. so its not only a waste of the birds life but its a wasted meal. how long before the bullfrogs can actually swallow the birds? they are mostly house sparrows but yesterday they got an american pipit. they average about one bird per day. i have 2 or 3 bullfrogs, i give them store bought crickets once a week, but there is also a pretty big natural food supply for them

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RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)

sorry this was meant for the pond board lol my bad

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