2011 What worked in your garden and what didnt work

Mike LarkinSeptember 28, 2011

Have you tried anything new in your garden? How are the existing plants doing. We have had lots of rain, what died , what did really well.

My yard looks really bad, the crab grass and grubs did great . The plants look good. I planted several Elephant Ear plants and they did fantastic. My garden did ok, first year for raised beds, I like the way I could keep my veg garden weed free in the raised beds.

Here is a link that might be useful: More stuff to read

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

my veggie garden was not even close to being weed free, all the rain gave an excellent coverage of crabgrass throughout the squash and beans and whatever else I planted..... I started dumping lawn clippings as a mulch after I gave up on weeding and that really did the trick. Things don't look too bad now.
Crabgrass also sprouted real well in the lawn, filling all the dead spots from last year's drought... at least it was welcome there.
We had almost no japanese beetles this year. That was nice. Plus most other pest laid low this year.... except the mosquitos.

The rain also meant nonstop mowing, but at least no watering!

I had some mums come back this spring. I made a little effort in transplanting and fertilizing and voila! beautiful blooms are coming on strong now. I'll have to repeat that next year!

but to pick one word for the 2011 season.... I'd choose 'rain'

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

The sun came out and I was finally in the garden again. It reminded me of one of the things that did not work out. The blueberries I scrounged up last fall by hitting all the autumn clearances turned into rabbit food instead of the blueberry muffins I was hoping for. I guess I'll get a second chance this winter if I remember to put fencing around them.

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Mike Larkin

This perennial does great for me each year. Gets about 6 hrs of sun and afternoon shade .

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