seed germination?

ibartoo(z8 sc)April 12, 2008

Hi Everyone,

This year I have bought tons of passie seeds and planted all of them. The only ones that have germinated are the p. mollissima. Does anyone know how long it will take for the other varieties to germinate? I planted,

incense, panama red, aurantia, cinnabarina, alata

edulis, edulis flavocarpa, and a few others. They are in baggies now and they are just not growing yet.


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Passiflora seed will take anything from a few days to best part of a year to germinate. The key is to keep it damp and give the seed very high temperatures daytime, especially aurantia and cinnabarina, and a drop at night. Germination rates also vary wildly from zero to near 100%.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora seed

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I mark my seedling trays with little aluminum strips (cut from flashing, about 1/2" wide & 4" long) which I write on with a carbide stylus. It scratches the name into the metal.
Why? I've had seeds take over a year to germinate.. Once they had the 'plastic marker& a pen' routine was unreadable & I had no idea what they were.

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When you say in baggies, do you mean wrapped in wet paper towels in baggies? And are the baggies in darkness or do they have light exposure in the daytime?

I know that some species will germinate in or on wet paper towels, but I suspect that most will not. Last year I soaked 8 different varieties of passie seeds in wet paper towels for 6 weeks. They were in clear plastic shoeboxes with light exposure in the daytime. I usually opened the boxes once a day to check the moisture level, and to ventilate the air. I was actually hoping that they would germinate in the paper towels, but in that 6 week period, not a single seed germinated. But when I planted them in soil (actually a 50/50 mix of peat seed starting mix and earthworm castings), about a third of them germinated within 2 weeks. It is possible that light is a germination inhibitor, but I also suspect that the seeds may be able to detect the presence or absence of macronutrients, and may not germinate unless some macronutrients are present. Even though the seedling can survive a short while on the starch in the seed, it is not to its advantage to germinate if no macronutrients are present in its growing medium. I also suspect that some species may need a certain pH range to germinate. I had 3 varieties that would not germinate in straight peat seed starting mix (relatively low pH?), that germinated without problems in the 50/50 mix of peat and earthworm castings. Even the 50/50 mix may have been too acidic, as several varieties would not germinate in either mix (though I admit that I did not actually measure the pH level of either medium).

One of these days, somebody is going to figure out the secret to germinating passie seeds.

Good luck to you!

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Here is the secret. Seeds must be fresh to germinate in a timely fashion. Fresh as a few months old or less. When buying seeds make sure it says fresh, usu. ebay sellers are on top of this aspect. Soak them in warm orange juice or passion juice for 24 hrs. Change the juice at least 2 times. in the 24 hr. period. This removes the growth inhibitors. If they float after that time they are net likely to germinate and are old. Use high quality seed starting mix and bottom heat. Cover with propogator lid, but crack open at least 1 in. to avoid dampening off. Use small seed cells, to promote good root developmet, when roots are filled in transfer to next size cell and on up. Remember to have a light 4 inches above these so they do not get gangly & reach for the light. Warm or soft light bulbs only. You have to harden them off before you put them outside, doing this method. They are done with bottom heat once they move to new cell, but will reqire light above them, until they are in a 4 inch pot and rooted well in that. I recommend buying a book on seed germinating, and you will have to invest money to get started, but the possibilities are endlee once you get started. There is no dampen off seed start mix on the web. Keep seeds moist, but not wet. Cover them with a thickness of there own seed thickness, the long side down -. Every variety is different and some come quick and others take a while, be patient. The different size seed cells are sold at greenhouse supply stores and you always start with the small cell, this is how the pro's do it!! Burpee sales seedcarts with lights, but it's cheaper to make your own! Good luck to you all.

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