Kato! Thanks!

jeannek_NEPA(z5)September 15, 2007


It was really nice to (finally) meet you! You throw quite a bash. The leis, the drinks with umbrellas(!), your caterer - superb. I can't decide if the speaker - Wow! what a talker - or the fireworks were my favorite. Quite frankly (ha!), I could've done without the dancing, though. I will be sore tomorrow.

Andrew is a doll and I want Kevin as my new BFF. You can hang with us sometimes.

Oh, yes, your yard is great, too :)


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Kevin has that effect on people. He's always getting invites out and jaunting around the country.... me I stay in Pennsylvania and am lucky to leave Dupont.

Do you think the two workshops were too much? How about parking? Was that ok? I didn't know if the shuttle would be a good idea or not. I didn't want people to tire themselves out going from event to event.

Next time I might go with a DJ instead of the whole band thing.... but you know, sometimes you get a little carried away.
I'm glad you had a good time and I loved the slide shows, thanks for showing them.... I'm just wondering if I should be offended that you didn't take any pictures while you were here!

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The only thing would be maybe a printed schedule we could peruse on the shuttle, so we'd know which way to head when we step out.
Re: pictures...I think the ones the newspaper's photographer shot are probably sufficient, no? And there is the video...

I would love to get some shots of those coleus, though. When will you be gone to the circus? :)

And for you, because I didn't take any pictures - a slideshow. Of weeds.
(disclaimer: none of these weeds were in Frank's yard, as he has no weeds in his gardens.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Weeds

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OK guys, I guess I see that I should have went into sleep deprovation mode and come....why is it that I always miss the best of the best...lol

Jeanne, I had to check out your slide show, talk about jelous, I went walking along the dike this morning and got a pic of the heron, I thought (at one time, before I saw your pictures that is) it was pretty good! I LOVE the pictures of the river.

Think you could make me look good on digital for a few plants?


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I was going to go by your house before I went to Frank's but didn't, obviously. If you need the sleep, you need the sleep.
I was at the dike this morning! I got to watch some mergansers do some sort of synchronized dabbling. The heron I saw was in the middle of the river. Is that the one you got? For every nice heron shot I have, I have 50 bad ones. I kid you not. And most of good ones were lucky.

I'm not clear on what you want. Me to take some pictures, or me to teach you the 2 things I know - #1 point and #2 shoot, lol. I'm learning something every day and really enjoying it. I'd love to help however I can. It just may not be much.
Email me - my username is now linked to my main account.


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I just got a chance to look at the weeds slideshow. Wow. Then of course I had to look at all the other ones! I think for a favorite it's between the river and the weeds.... the river one might win -just because the nut sedge picture in the weeds slideshow made me twitch a little!

Favorite photos (if you're even interested!lol) were the water photo at the end of the weeds slideshow, some of the dandylion seedhead pictures, many of the birds, and the fireworks shots.... of course now as I think a little more there were others too.
Keep it coming.
I wish you didn't hate the cold so much. I would love to see some ice-frost-snow pictures that weren't done from inside a window! Maybe for christmas we can find some kind of battery powered hand/ feet warmer that might make you want to brave the elements!

How was Hawk mountain?

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Gerry, Check your email!

Thanks. I was happy with the dandelions. Love that super macro :)
I'll get out in the winter. I'll not enjoy it, probably, but I am determined to try. Or, I could go to the Caribbean and get pictures of ice in my drink, lol. Hmmmm.

I thought about what you and Kevin said about next weekend being warmer (Saturday sunny and 79, Sunday 77!) and decided to wait for Hawk Mountain. I was walking through Gerrity's in a turtleneck yesterday, so I think it was a wise decision. I'm going to see if I can rope someone into going with me. I don't have many friends that are interested in that sort of thing, so I might have to tell them it's Gertrude Hawk Mountain....lol. One might but the thought of a trip of that duration with her kind of makes my head hurt. Eh, we'll see.

How was the circus. Awesome I bet! The commercials were fun.


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floragal(z5 PA)

Oh - you mean it already happened? Here I've been sitting, patiently waiting for an email, and it already happened? I'm so depressed now! I missed out on the workshops, the caterer, everything?

Seriously, I'm very sorry to have missed seeing you guys - when I hadn't heard anything I figured you were pushing it out to the 23rd so I decided to check in today for an update. And you pulled it off on the 15th. How could I have missed that email? Can you tell I'm disappointed?

kato, can I take a raincheck? I'll bring you Japanese Anenome...

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Mischelle, you don't even need a raincheck, you are welcome any time! We were sorry you didn't make it.

Stop by here anytime..... I might be visiting perrenial point this weekend (so I'll be out for a couple hours) -you know, gotta check out the bulbs.
I'm also starting to move earth again. I started digging up grass, leveling high spots, filling in low spots. I thought a nice green lawn would sell the house better than my crammed flower beds.

-Jeanne- Cirque de solei was great, it's amazing what they do and the costumes were creepily surreal.

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