Majesty Palm dying

SDG5482February 15, 2013

Hi! My husband bought a Majesty Palm for our living room in January and we had to leave on vacation soon after. I read online that these palms make terrible indoor plants. I watered and misted the plant before leaving and also left a pot of water underneath to help with humidity. We were able to return 2 weeks later than we planned and that left the plant uncared for for about 21 days. I came back to find that the plant had totally leaned over towards the balcony door, which was the only light source in the room and the leaves were dried out. I immediately watered it and have been misting it several times a day. I have also brought the room temperature up but the plant is still dying. It has been two days. What should I do???

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They may have a reputation as being a terrible house plant, but I still love them for some reason!

Maybe it's time to try again since they're very cheap. I've managed to keep a majesty palm healthy and mostly indoors for 5 months so far. I give it a pretty ridiculous amount of fertilizer, epsom salt, and water.

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From what I understand, they need lots of water, but not sitting in water, at least not indoors. I never had luck with them, but then again, I always keep my palms on the dry side while indoors. I agree, start fresh with a new palm. It'll take a long time to nurse that palm back to health where it looks decent, if it can be saved at all.

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This is one of the few palms that actually do like sitting in a shallow saucer of standing water. Also, you can turn down the furnace, cooler/more humid s much better than warm and dry. Not quite as impossible as their reputation f you remember to consistently water.

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I got a 4 ft majesty on discount at lowes yesterday for a dollar so I would suggest starting over. They had some 6ft+ ones at my local walmart for 12.99. Just pick up a new one and learn from the last one.

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