When do you start feeding you outdoor Trachy palms?

subtropixFebruary 26, 2011

When should outdoor Trachy palms start to be feed? It was a bad winter and they look poor but the buds are firm and green so hope they will be okay. They are in a bright, southern exposure. Do you wait for certain temperatures, month, new growth or something else to commence the feeding season. Also, anyone have opinions on those slow release fertilizers (such as PalmTone).

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I wait until mid april when the weather is mild and there arent any more freezes. I dont think you should give them their first fertilizing later than early June because they get a lot of growth started earlier than that so you dont want to miss out on helping that growth along.

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The first thing I do is hit them with some Epsom salts and then some K,once the soil temps are well over 50(F) at 4".

As the soil temps approach 60(F),I try to coordinate their first feeding with a nice rainfall and some sunny warm weather.

This rather then going by the time of year-I don't think Palms roots can really absorb the fertilizer until soil temps are above 50(F) anyway.

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