Palmettos and bugs

Dunning(9B)February 15, 2011


After some cursory research I'm thinking of perhaps adding a saw palmetto or two to my yard to attract bees, butterflies etc to help the other things in my garden that need pollination. Plus I like how they look and they'd fit right in in a few spots.

First, does this sound like a good plan? Any other thoughts on honey bee attractors for central FL?

Second, my wife asked if palmettos also attract palmetto bugs, which I can't really find an answer to.

Third, silver saw palmettos sound nice. Would they be as good for bees etc?



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I dont think that the palmettos will attract any bugs, but i think birds eat the seeds.

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The only bugs I see around mine are bees and wasps when they are blooming. Great choice for Central Florida... just keep in mind that they will grow and multiply... plant them accordingly.

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