When do you bring in your tropicals?

butterfly4uSeptember 19, 2008

Hi all,

I still have my tropical hibiscus and gardenias outside from the summer.

Should I bring them in soon?

It's been getting cooler at night this week.

It just seems so early, or mabey the summer has flown by so fast, but when would you bring them in?

Thanks in advance.

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I usually bring mine in by mid October. Just watch for a frost warning and get them covered if you can. A lot of tropicals can take some pretty cool weather. I don't know where you are located but the mountain areas and further west get cooler much sooner than the Southeast. I'm in Philly near Bucks County so it stays warmer a tad bit longer. I try to stretch the summer as long as I can!!

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Yep - all my orchids are still growing happily outside. I will bring them in if it is going below 45 at night, but otherwise they stay out.


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I myself find it never hurts to acclimate my tropicals to thier indoor environment a little early. I plan to bring mine in next week. I'd do it now but the rains have brought some nice warm air in. My pams and palmettos seem to hold 50% more fronds through winter if I bring them in before the end of september.

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Well it looks like it is going to get cold this weekend. I would like to store my caladiums for next year. I do not have space indoors to keep them in pots. When do I dig them up? do I cut off the leaves, and stems? How do I store them. Also can water hyacinth be kept indoors in a terrarium or fish bowl for the winter.

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