Seedless Grapes

nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)October 12, 2007

Has anyone has any success with seedless "table" grapes in PA? I'd like to plant some grapes next year. I would like one section to be juice/jelly grapes, but I'd also like to have some good eating grapes.

I was looking at the following site:

I'd just like to get some first hand information from other gardeners for which of these types may or may not grow well.


Canadice - red

Concord - blue

Himrod - white

Lakemont - white

Red Suffolfk - red

Reliance - red

Any information is greatly appreciated.


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Are they hard to come by/I ordered 2 years in row both have seeds.....

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Try to make sure the plants you buy are truly seedless.

I planted two vines years ago, from mail order. They were supposed to be seedless, but aren't. From the very first crop the fruit has been full of seeds. The vines grow and bear well, but I don't use much of the fruit.

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

Hmm, I guess I should contact the company before I purchase them to make sure the grapes actually are seedless.
I take it that no one has grown any seedless grapes in PA?

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The main problem I find with seedless varieties is that they ripen early (August) when birds are still searching for a juicy feast. This year was the first in a few years that I had a decent harvest. Pink Reliance is my favorite for eating fresh. We also made a good jam from them. Venessa is a fairly heavy producer and Mars(blue)is a good flavored grape but I have these partially shaded and they haven't produced as well.

I never heard of seeds in the seedless varieties. Somebody must have mixed the order.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I bought two grape vines labeled as seedless, but both are bearing heavily seeded, purple grapes that are similar to wild grapes. I think the ones I bought were supposed to be a green and a red seedless. I am not sure if seedless grapes are grafted onto seeded rootstock, and perhaps the rootstock has grown instead of the graft. However, I didn't notice this happening, and I was watching. The other option is that maybe I got ripped off??

The vines are growing very well, but I plan to try again with seedless, and will rmove the seeded grapes if seedless ones grow well.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Same exact experience here, ladyslppr. I was careful to check and make sure the vines weren't growing from the rootstock. The original main vines lived and thrived, but the fruit was seeded.

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

Pipersville & Ladyslppr and for those others who have tried to plant seedless grapes and ended up with seeded grapes:
Were the grapes at least solid or were they just like the squishy seeded grapes we use for jelly? I still think it'd be nice to have some good eating grapes. My wife bought some of those large red globe grapes, not sure if you're farmiliar with them, they're really really big, but contain 3 or 4 seeds in each grape. I saved a handful of seeds and am going to attempt to plant them and see if they come up. I haven't looked anything up, but my initial guess is they won't grow in our climate, but its worth a chance.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

The grapes that were produced by my "seedless" grape vines were a lot like wild grapes. The insides were squishy and not good to eat, the skin had a strong grape flavor, but perhaps a bit too strong. These are definitely not table grapes. I am not familiar with wine grapes, having seen them plenty of times but not, as I recall, ever having eaten them. I could easily believe that these are wild grapes, or a variety not too far removed from the wild stock.

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

I was hoping that they would be more like the type you purchase from stores, but I do enjoy to eat the squishy ones. Even if I have to squish them out of their skin then spit the seeds out too :op I guess my plan is still to order half reliable seeded so I know that I'll at least have some good ones for making jam & juice, and then plant different varieties of seedless in hope that I'll get something different. I'm still waiting to hear if anyone in PA has any "table" or "eating" grapes that grow well. I have until spring to continue my research :o)

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I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I planted 4 seedless grape plants about 5 years ago. I believe that there were 2 whites and 2 reds. Unfortunately, I can't remember the varieties. They produce a lot of purple grapes with seeds. I consider them editable but you have to spit out the skin and the seed. I've had the same theory about the rootstock and the graft but I wasn't even sure if it was a grafted plant. The other possibility is that I have a lot of black rot on the plants. I was just thinking of purchasing some other seedless plants. Does anyone have any recommendations for PA given my situation?

I've b

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