FreezePruf: Experiences and Opinions, I'm Curious...

Kokomo-JBFebruary 15, 2013

Especially any of you that have used it on palms. Does it live up to its claims?

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Never saw any benefit.

To bad,I was pulling for Dr.Francko on this one-wonder what happened there....

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I emailed him and he told me that while the claims are that it can lower the core water temp about 9 degrees, in palms it was more like 4-5 degrees-which is still not bad...if true that is. I told him that I have a friend who knows of a company in STL who uses beet juice instead of salt to melt road ice. They have a patent pending on the product and claim that it does a better job than salt and isn't corrosive. It is also all-natural/bio-degradeable. That got me thinking of maybe using it on vegetation to lower the plants core water temps. I will be running tests on it in Long Island next winter on Palms...if it works, we can be on to something big-just hope it doesn't dye the damn palms red :)

Way I see it, Cross-Polly takes time....years lots of years. Gene manipulation takes and tons of it.
If a true anti-freeze can be developed, then that could be the cheapest, quickest and most low-mat. way of getting palms to jump zones or in the very least stay healthy and hardy.

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I have not used it. It strikes me as another "arrow in the quiver" for winter protection. Worth using with everything else.

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No more effective than Wilt-Pruf, actually maybe less effective. Prevents dessication., nothing more.

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