Can Anyone Recomment a Place to Purchase Seeds

Lady_BratApril 10, 2012

Hi, I have posted on a number of other forums on Gardenweb but it's my first time here. Hope you don't mind my joining in.

Many years ago I bought a number of seeds for different varieties of Passiflora from a company I found on the internet. Due to poor health and a few other problems I have lost all but the common tart yellow passion fruit. I love this fruit, but I want to get some of the other varieties started again. Can anyone recommend a place for buying the seeds online. I've looked but can't fine the place I used before. I have forgotten the name but I couldn't find anything online that even resembled the website.

Also, could anyone recommend names of some of the varieties which have good fruit. I know about the banana fruit, the purple hull, and the common yellow one. Are there any more with a good fruit. I love the different flowers but right now I just want the fruiting vines.

Thank you.

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I'm back, answering my own post. ;^). By reading more posts on the forum I was directed to the PSI webpage which has a number of links to places where seeds may be purchased. I

I'm assuming that all vines have to bear fruit if they have seeds....but from reading I get the impression that they aren't all good to eat. I have a wild passiflora growing in my yard with the beautiful purple/blue and white blooms which has a small red fruit with clear white covering the black seeds. It has no taste but the flowers and fruits are beautiful and the butterflies like it so I let them grow. My sister lives up around Daytona and has what some people call the maypop growing wild. I can't stand the taste of those fruits but again the flowers are beautiful and the butterflies like them. If you could recommend the names of vines that have good fruit I would appreciate it as at this time that is what I am looking for.

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Hello Lady_Brat,

While I am thrilled that you have found the PSI website, I feel the need to tell you that it is quite outdated as of today. We are revamping it currently, and will release the new and improved site hopefully in mid-June. At that time, we will also advertise our big Seed Bank Sale, which will run for a 3 week period. Seed donors and PSI members will get first choice, but then it will be open to the anyone in the public who wish to buy some rare and special seeds. I will post more information on GW, FB, and our website when we get closer to launch.

In the meantime, I highly recommend two Ebay sellers who are very good friends of mine and current Officers of the Passiflora Society. Their user names on Ebay are: "Passiflorista" and "Where The Wild Things Grow". If you simply search for "Passiflora seeds" on that site, you will surely find their stores easily.

Best of luck!

Eric Wortman
Passiflora Society International

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Hey, LB--fancy meeting you here. I don't know which PF's have tasty fruit, but I do know that if you do a Member Search, you can see who has them available for trade. I've made a lot of great trades on Seed Exchange. Just a tip~~

I came here trying to find out what I need to do to get mine to bloom again (sigh).

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Re: "the banana one" and "yellow", you might be talking about the fruit of the species antioquiensis. It is one of the Tacsonias, and unless you live in a very mild climate it is not likely to do well for you. Mine is just starting to bloom now, so there are not many fruits on it yet. I will have some seeds in a few months if you need some. I also have 'Mission Dolores' which is an antioquiensis X parritae cross that produces a similar fruit which tastes about the same as antioquiensis and looks similar as well. It is a little more advanced than my antioquiensis and has a pretty good fruit set now. If you want to try it, I will have seeds from it in the future also. Keep in mind, the Tacsonias are very demanding about climate and where they will grow well. Unless you live in coastal California, you are unlikely to do well with any of the Tacsonias and might do well to focus on something than "banana" and "yellow".

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Edulis has tasty fruit and is usually what you find in the grocery store (at least in this area). There's different edulis varieties and I'm not sure which have what is considered the best tasting fruit. I also think that some might be self pollinating but it's always better to have cross pollination. It also does well in high heat, unlike the tasconias.

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