Our NEW hybrids offered for sale for the first time ever!!

eristal(9)April 29, 2011

Hello everyone,

We finally decided to throw a few of our hybrids on eBay for sale. 2 of the 3 have recently been officially internationally registered! They have all been tested frost tolerant to at least 20 degrees, though I expect they could go a bit lower.

P. 'Atropos' is a particularly heavy and easy bloomer, and was even our first Passiflora to bloom this spring... a full month before P. caerulea! P. 'Janus' seems to be some people's favorite though, with a very large dark center, and it is the only one of the 3 with fertile pollen. P. 'Andromeda' was our first hybrid to ever bloom a few years ago, and though not as spectacular as the other two, it has some character that I think is missing in many other hybrids.

I would post a link to the sale here, but I think GW frowns on that, so if you have any interest in buying or just looking go to eBay, and search for "Passiflora plant" or something similar. They should be easy to find.

Thanks for looking at our hybrids. Within the next year or so, we will share them with a couple of the top Passiflora nurseries, so even if you miss out on the bidding, you can get them with a little patience.

Hopefully by this time next year we will have more new hybrids to offer!

Best blooms,

Eric Wortman


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