Lobed leaves.

john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)April 11, 2005

Do all Passion vines have lobed leaves? We planted some seeds from store bought Passionfruit, along with some seeds from Guava. There is a possibility that the tags could have gotten mixed up, but this plant is labeled Passion. Can anyone tell me if this is actually a Passion, or is it a Guava? Thanks.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

That looks just like my p. edulis seedlings. Your fruit was dark purple / black & had many medium (for passiflora) size seeds in a white or white / yello pulp?

If so it *should* be passiflora edulis v. 'black beauty'.

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it is edulis. the immature plant has unpointed leaves... I had 7 or 8 of these, only to be killed by the person taking care of them while I was away... *sniff*


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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

Krstofer - That sounds about right, for a description of the fruit. I remember buying one in a supermarket, in Fort Lauderdale. The checker said to me, "Before I ring this up, I want to tell you that it's expensive. Some people get shocked." I said it was OK, and paid $1.99. The next day we went to a local huge flea market and I got a couple more at 2 for a quarter.
Dc - I had thought that they started getting the lobes before they got this big, so I wondered about these.
Sorry to hear about your loss.

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