Foetida Question....

ninecrow(England)April 13, 2010

Has Anyone out there done any Hybridizing of this Species?

Thanks Guys

Might try it this Year with Mine.....

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I used foetida pollen on a sublancelata bloom. The plant ended up looking just like the sublancelata. I think that foetida might be self pollinating because I'd get fruit with viable seed from almost every flower, even when no other passies were in bloom nearby.

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I grow Mine inside and Like You, I had fruit on Every Flower
My Question was just I Wonder....

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The pollen can be used on other passies because sublancelata does not self pollinate but I've never tried using a different pollen on a foetida bloom.

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Last year, I grew and bloomed 2 totally different P. foetida plants. I also grew P. 'Harmonie Daybreak', a hybrid by Ethan Nielsen of P. arida x P. sublanceolata. I crosses them pretty much every direction possible, and got fruits, seeds and seedlings of each possible direction. In other words, I have growing:

- P. 'Harmonie Daybreak' x P. foetida 'Linda' (named for the person we got the plant from)
- P. 'Harmonie Daybreak' x P. foetida 'Kevin'
- P. foetida 'Kevin' x P. 'Harmonie Daybreak'
- P. foetida 'Linda' x P. 'Harmonie Daybreak'
- P. foetida 'Linda' x P. foetida 'Kevin'

The interesting thing here is that the P. 'Harmonie Daybreak' and the P. foetida 'Kevin' did NOT create fruits unless hand pollinated. Therefore, I am confident that those crosses are accurate. On the other P. foedita, once we realized that it would create fruits on it's own, we used a preemptive technique called "bud pollination", meaning that soon before it opened, (like the night before), we would forcefully open the flower, take off the pollen filaments, and pollinate it with the paternal plant of our choice. This can be used with many of the "selfing" Passifloras.

Another successful cross with P. foedita last year that we did, and have seedlings of, is (P. umbilicata x P. tucumanensis) x P. foetida 'Linda'. I know this is an unlikely cross, so perhaps the P. foedita pollen caused a "selfing" reaction from the plant, but who knows? I guess we'll find out! In any case, I will keep you all updated as the plants grow and bloom.

Hope this helps the discussion a bit...

Happy Gardening!!

Eric Wortman and Crystal Stone

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pshawn(9B, California)

Great sounding hybrids! Any buds yet? Would love to hear the updates as they come

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