Mums and Asters

kathieloOctober 1, 2005

When is a good time to transplant mums. I have two extremely large ones that need a new home. They are along a sidewalk which is going to be replaced this month and I have a new spot waiting for them. They are still blooming however, and I'm assuming they loved all the water I've had to give my perennial beds this summer. But they are now too large for the space. Now or spring?

Asters.....I love the beautiful colors of asters but all the ones I have either are rabbit food or get too tall and bare legged. I've pinched them back before July 4th but they still get too tall. Is there a way to keep them short without them getting "bare-legs". another feature I dislike.

How do the growers get their potted mums and asters so round and beautiful? Is this possible in a garden? Can you shear them back in a rounded shape prior to their setting buds?


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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

I keep my asters pinched back to 4 inches at first then to 6 inches and I keep piching until the second week of july rather than the 4th of July. Transplanting now may be fine if you take care to take a large dirt ball with the root mass disturbing the roots as little as possible so the plant won't have to work as hard to repair damaged roots. You can also help ease the transplant by preping the hole by loosening the area well around the transplant making it easier for roots to expand into the surounding area. once the plant has died back mulch it well for the winter.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

I don't think you are supposed to transplant perennial mums in the fall - you just might kill the whole lot. The root mass will come up very easily in the spring and even the smallest divisions will flower by Autumn.

You might consider pruning your asters more than two times -by 75% in early June, and again in late June, and again in mid July, cutting them way back every time. The ones I did this with this summer eventually reached about three feet tall and are very bushy.

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