helenh(z6 SW MO)September 11, 2008

I am watching the weather channel and it looks like lots of rain for the Ozarks.

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We got some nice little afternoon showers yesterday and it was overcast most of the day.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I mean that the path of Ike may if it goes where they predict dump 6 inches or so on our area. Funny the local weather man didn't mention this.

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They're forecasting 6 to 7 inches for our area starting tonight. I don't think our sump pump will kick on but I'm getting it ready just in case.

It seems like they were having a hard time making up their minds about where Ike was headed. I'm afraid it made some people decide too late to evacuate. I'd sure hate to be in the Houston or Galveston area right now. Our 6 to 7 inches would sound like a puddle to them wouldn't it.

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So far nice slow rain last few days.
But they did say expect hard rain Sat into Sun.
I have water standing in the lower bottom of my yard now. I will start to feel like spring is here again.
I always feel so sorry for those people involved in all of this bad weather.
On the other hand I have always wanted to retire on the pacific. I just can't seem to get enough of it. It is like a sickness w/me. I have been to Hawaii a few times and just want to keep going back.

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Jspeachy - I could live without the beach there - it's the flowers I liked. I remember being in awe of all the flowers just growing along the side of the road when we were driving. They were something like impatiens growing wild in the ditches or maybe someone planted them there but it was just beautiful. We also visited the garden at King Kamahamaha's castle (I probably spelled that wrong) and got to see lots of tropical plants there. I can't even imagine how beautiful Hawaii must've been before it became so comercialized since even with all the buildings, it's still very pretty. They get a lot more rain than we do though and I think I would get tired of that. I pout when I have things to do outside and can't because of the weather.

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Batten down the hatches! Ike is scheduled to visit tonight, assuming the NHC doesn't change the projected path AGAIN!
It's supposed to be a fast moving system, so there may not be a lot of rainfall associated with it. Projections indicate that the remnant depression will be in eastern Ontario, Canada by 1AM EDT on Monday.

Hawaii is a state with extremes in rainfall, The wettest place on earth is said to be Mt.Waialeale on Kauai, with an annual mean of 486" rainfall and Kukui, Maui holds the US record for a one year total of 739" in 1982.
Honolulu, on the other hand is extremely dry, with annual rainfall of about 18". Central Maui receives less than 10" of rain each year. I visited one location in the foothills on Maui, where it appeared there had been no rain for years. Not a living thing was there, just dead trees, starkly preserved by extremely dry conditions.
This was news to me, but while traveling along one of the Interstates(H1) near Honolulu, I noticed that a sprinkler system was running in the median and along the shoulders.
Inquiring minds wanted to know, that's when I found that rainfall in Honolulu is scarce, coupled with months of drought in some years, so the sprinklers were installed to keep the grass and plants alive. Must keep up appearances for the tourists, you know!

I don't really want to return to Hawaii. Guess I should have avoided the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, which brought back some sad, vivid memories of that day. I can still remember that Sunday in December, upon returning from Church and seeing a neighbor lady running across the road and shouting the news.

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I guess I could do w/o all the tourist and that type of thing.
Yes I think maybe it was and is awe that I feel about all the beautiful and abundant flowers and plants in general.
I think I might go move my little lawn tables in. they have glass tops.
I know what you mean about the Arizona Memorial. I was in a long line to board to go over and had to get out of line. I just could not stand to be that close to all that sadness. Seemed like the feeling just hung in the air.
Did you notice the philo type plant they had growing along streets and in front of buildings. the leaves were larger than they get here and almost seemed to be wild.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

rain started here at 6:15. hope we don't get 6 inches.


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Rain here began around 8 pm and we have had 4 inches so far and it is still coming down. The winds aren't too bad.

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We had 4.9 inches in our gauge this morning. Rb - You were right about it moving through quickly. It's stopped raining here already and it looks like it's going to be clear today instead of rainy like they said.
Jspeachy - I don't remember the leaves but it's been many years since I visited Hawaii. I guess tropical plants have to grow wild SOMEWHERE but it seems strange to see a plant growing in a ditch that you would normally have to grow in a greenhouse here.
Did everyone get through the rain with no trouble?

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Looks like the rain has stopped for now.
Grey skies and overcast. So we will see. Wind still blowing.
Had limbs down this a.m. and some plants bent over.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

had 1.75 inches of rain but the winds were bad.


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william, we just had a few twiggy things down and one flower pot blown over. It is very cool and overcast, but rain is supposed to be gone on east.

Sorry about the tree.

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bunny6(7 AR)

I got a couple of inches of rain and my yard is covered in little branches and leaves. No large branches like last time. I feel sorry for all the people on the coast.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

these temps are starting to look good. will make it easier on the cleanup.

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I've been wondering what kind of visit Ike paid to all of you ... from my side all I saw was a gigantic red blob on the national weather map just "zipping" through the state...I wonder how my place did...will have to call my neighbors..

Jspeachy: I think I know what plant you are talking about...I'll take some pictures of the ones I have growing in my backyard and post them when I get a chance...Giant philodendron looking plants, right? Depending on where they grow, I like them...most other times they are a nuisance, to me and I yank them up because they can choke trees that you like.

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Why yes that is the one.
Isn't that funny how here at home I put it out in a bed or hanging basket. then put it in a hanging basket to bring in for winter. After one of my visits when I came home. I left my plant out in the bed over the winter, with a lot of leaves piled on top after the frost. I came back! I was so surprised.
but isn't that strange haw it is a bother there and here not so. Also the leaves get so much larger there as well.
Maybe... I just need to be really good and santa would bring me a REALLY big green house so I could dabble in all the plants I enjoy so much. Yep keep dreaming. :-)
I have water standing in the bottom again. only a few small limbs down. Most of the plants stood back up or pretty close to up.

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