Sabal zone 7

xerophyte_nyc(7)February 7, 2011

Just an FYI:

I have a young Sabal minor 'Emerald Island Giant' that started as a seedling about 3 years ago. It is a very slow growing variety and last season it started to push fan-shaped leaves.

I decided to leave it out all winter this year, in it's pot. It is under an awning so it did not benefit from the protective effect of all the snow we've had.

In any event...I just took a peak at it, and it looks perfectly healthy, no spear pull, no apparent damage to the plant. This despite temps down to 5-6F and unusual cold...and in a pot, where they say that an extra hardiness zone is lost.

I also have a Trachy wagnerianus overgrown in a 5-gal that appears unscathed, along with Yucca rostrata and 2 Agave ovatifolia, which all are looking good.

Come warmer weather, I will provide an update if/ when growth begins.


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They sound like they are very happy so far! Spear pull can occur when the weather gets warmer so watch out for that, but I really hope that they live for you (the succulents definitely will because I had one completely bare root last winter survive).
Also something I noticed about sabals is that the slower growing ones tend to be more cold tolerant. Mine grows very fast for a minor (puts out about 3-5 fronds a year), but is damaged at the low 20s. I think the slower ones are usually from a more northern population which probably means it has the genetics to survive the cold.
Good luck! This looks like the last major arctic outbreak and all the major weather sources are saying that there will be a warm-up for many next week!

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Solid freezing usually kills Sabal minor roots, with the above-ground portion deteriorating in warmer weather. Hopefully this isn't the case.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Steve, you have a good point. Freezing a palm solid thru in a pot is amlost certainly going to kill it. It may look OK because the damage did not show yet. Some palms show damage quickly, but not the cold hardy ones. They usually are trying to hang on. If this palm is really making it I would bring it in now before its too late.

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Like I said - We shall see. My Trachy wagnerianus was 100% frozen solid down to temps around 15F, in a pot. I brought it into the garage a few weeks ago the night we dipped into 5F...I can assure you this plant is healthy since the time it has defrosted the last couple weeks. It was dry this entire time. It has frozen solid in prior seasons as well.

I think maybe these cold hardy plants show damage in the spring after they are either unable to recover from root damage or they rot from sitting in moist soil without enough of a root system to take in the moisture.


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Warmer weather speeds up pathogen growth.

Don't have to worry about that here right now!

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