Somethings eating my palm

Outlaw_Gardener(7a OK)May 31, 2011

I bought a non-hardy palm from Wal-Mart a week ago for my front porch. I noticed today something is eating the leaves. I'm not familiar with growing these. Any idea what to use to kill the pest that is eating on the leaves?



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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

ive been lurking the palm forum and they have some good people there. You might try and post there as well. On a side note all the lowes in tulsa are selling very large cold hardy palms for 50-75 percent off, depending which store you go to.

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claudosu(z7 OK)

Is it a parlor palm? Have you seen a white cat around your house? Lol, have a cat that for some reason loved parlor palms, after I saw it nibbling at it, I had to put those outside. They weren't safe around him, he ate one to little twigs (it was a little one). Never got sick from it, thank the Lord.

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Pallida(Zone 7b)

if there are chunks eaten out of the leaves, perhaps grasshoppers. If the leaves are turning yellow, flip a leaf over and check the underside of the leaf for little tiny dots and webbing. This is spider mites. Palms are magnets for them. Spray with Kelthane every few days, as it is very difficult to get rid of them. Good Luck!


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