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sammy zone 7 TulsaMay 31, 2011

What could be an insect (bug or spider) that would start stinging or biting, and would continue stinging or biting until I got inside, but I never felt it going up my leg.

I have had this in the past, and wonder what it is. The injury is a welt that measures 3/4 inch diameter. Whatever it was made it to the top back of my leg near elastic before it began biting. It is a decent red color and is somewhat swollen. The itching is awful.

My guesses are fire ant or chiggars. (chigger) There is only one welt and when I felt it, I tried to grab it through my pants, but never was able to feel what it was, and could not stop the stinging. (That lets out a blister beetle.)

It felt about like a mosquito bite, but continued biting. When I looked for bites online earlier today, I couldn't tell what it could be.

Do any of you have a guess? I was wearing capri pants, so it really traveled. I knew I should have worn my boots and sprayed them with Off before I went into that area. It was not that weedy, but I saw many ants and other critters.

Are any of you good with bugs? It really itches.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It sounds like chiggers, but I've never had just one chigger. If I have one, I have two dozen....and right now I have a lot.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

This has happened to me for a couple of years, and I cannot figure out what to watch for.

The unusual thing is that when it bites or stings, it only hurts as much as a mosquito bite, but does not stop until I can get to it. It burned or stung all the time while I was walking quickly to get inside. Once inside where I could try to find the critter, it was gone - I must have wiped it away as I was removing the pants.

For this reason, I wonder about fire ants. I was at the top of the hill that goes down to the creek. I think I would have felt a beetle or blister beetle. I suddenly get chiggers, but don't feel them.

There are some bugs I am not familiar with that could be culprits.

Thanks Dawn. I also understand that wearing jeans to work could have annoyed the bump.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Fire ants usually leave a little raised up pustule that is sometimes whitish in color but also sometimes red or pink. We have a friend who is highly allergic to fire ant bites, and on him they leave a large reddish-purple welt type thing that makes it look like he has red grapes under his skin.

It is that time of the year. This week I've been bitten by a wasp, a couple of fire ants, a whole slew of chiggers as I was weed-eating along our south fenceline (a pasture with plants 3' to 4' tall and taller are on the other side of the fence) and some mosquitoes. I'm having an itchy week here.


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We have a flying red ant-type thing here, that has sort of cupped round black wings, and it stings like the devil when it bites. It also hangs on and keeps biting for a long time. Maybe something like that which flew away?

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