seen any of these lately???

sweetwm007(6 b)September 28, 2008

weed wacking the raised beds today and found this dude.



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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Is that a small tomato plant. Are you going to have winter tomatoes? I haven't had many hornworms this year, but I have had the tomato fruitworm. My tomatoes have been rotting lately. They are ripening so slowly that splits and holes are rotting before they are totally ripe. I have enough for me, but I don't have any to give away.

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I haven't seen one of those all year. It is interesting what comes and goes each season. One year I had them by the tons. They can defoliate a tomato plant overnight.

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I've only seen one this year. It was about a week ago and I left it to finish off a cherry tomato plant. I have too many cherry tomatoes and have been ripping them out anyway. You would think I would have more and more tomato hornworms every year since I don't kill them but I don't see them very often. The birds or spiders must keep them in check. They get HUGE. I'd love to bring one in for my bug-loving daughter to observe but I think they burrow down into the soil instead of making a cocoon on a stick.

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I just squished one yesterday.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

only seen a couple this yr.

no winter tomatoes this winter. going to concentrate on building up the soil in the raised beds.


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