Passiflora bicuspidata

passifreakApril 29, 2010


I have two bicupidata cuttings and one coriacea cutting. They're both rooted and I want to ask, if someone like to trade with me...I live in germany.

Yes..and if someone is interested, contact me!

I'm search for P. ' parritae and some other cool Passionvines which I Haven't.

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Are you Artur by any chance? If you are looking to trade plants or cuttings I think you probably need to trade with someone in Europe. Besides needing permits for live plants I don't think a cutting, or even a rooted plant, would survive shipping from the US to Germany or visa versa. There might be some people here that have tasconia seeds available. BTW if this is Artur the seeds you sent me are sprouting. If this isn't Artur please disregard. lol

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Hi Karyn,

yes I'm Artur.
hmm mayby you're right! I try 2 times to trade cuttings from America but they come really good to and they were green...but they leaves are loll down. Then I put them in a greenhouse but they aren't come up so they slowly died. :(
WOW NICE! Congratulation!

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hmm yes...but some Passis aren't available here, like P. Strawberry Strudel (what a nice Passi lol *grin*).

Okay, so if someone have Tacsonia seeds except tripartita var. mollissima and P. tarminana and want to trade pls wirte me an E-Mail!


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