Trachycarpus Wagnerianus 'Waggies'

KY_PalmLover(6 KY)February 24, 2011

Does anyone have a suggestion on where I could order a Waggie?? I'm so paranoid I will get a hybrid and the very few sites I have found are extremely expensive...I need one Cheaply lol So if you have bought one or have one let me know ;)

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

I ordered one from ( They only ship small ones though.

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I bought my Waggie (Trachycarpus wagnerianus) on ebay a few years ago. A hybrid, by the way, is not necessarily a bad thing. I am assuming you mean a fortunei x wagnerianus hybrid. (To tell the truth, I didn't know these two freely hybridize.--Something new I learned today.) Keep in mind, Waggies are MUCH slower growing than fortuneis (at least in my experience). Also keep in mind, that even within a single 'species', Trachycarpus are notoriously DIVERSE genetically. I have read that these differences may show up as differences in appearance, growth rate and cold hardiness. To sum it up, it's always difficult to tell what you're going to end up with when you get a Trachy palm.--Another fascinating thing about this wonderful group of palms! Also consider growing from seed because these palms will germinate at average house temperatures--unlike a lot of other palms that prefer 90.00 F and higher soil temperatures. Good luck!

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KY_PalmLover(6 KY)

Thanks HardyPalmFreak ...they seem reasonable :) how large was the one you received?

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KY_PalmLover(6 KY)

Thanks njoasis ...your assumption was correct about the hybrid between Wagnerianus and Fortuneis...I have some Fortuneis seeds soaking right now and I plan on getting some Waggie seeds to start as well...I have read that Waggies are more cold tolerant than Fortuneis so I was gonna grab a couple of them to get a head start on having something to look at lol...Also I think the smaller more compact fronds are more attractive :)

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It's just that my Waggie is SOOOO slow. My particular fortunei also has these large, nearly circular leaves and looks very tropical. I read that too about the Waggie, then had spear pull on the Waggie and not the fortunei--go figure. As I said, individuals within the SAME species can show differences. One of my Mediterranean fans (mostly BURIED completely in snow this winter), actually looks really good. And a small Needle I planted is looking like it survived this awful Winter. I'm planting a BIG one this Spring as it is now TOO big for container life.--My Butia, I think is a goner but I have three more in containers in my greenhouse/garage. Also, try a Sabal louisiana (cold hardy and relatively fast for a Sabal).

So now that most of the palms made it through the Winter, we are expecting heavy rains (combined with melting snows), flooding and tropical storm force winds of 50-60 mph sustained. Very similar to last year's storminess just a much colder winter. PS., The East and South are not being spared this crazy year--they are expecting accumulating snow in San Francisco and near record COLD!

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

The Waggie I received was almost a foot tall. A pup by some's standards, but the company is very reliable and the specimens that I have received from them were and still are in mint condition! :)

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I bought a small waggie from PlantDelights 5 years ago. It has been in the ground and essentially unprotected for 5 years. I've only used upside an down garbage can or frost cloth thrown on top. My experience with PlantDelights is that although their plants are small and slow growers, they have been the most cold hardy in my yard. Below are my waggie and a couple other palms from PlantDelights and other sources:

Waggie from PlantDelights

Last Week

Sabal minor 'McCurtain'
Very, very hardy but very, very slow growing

Last Week

Hardy Hibiscus

Palms from although I bought them in person from him and not through mail order:

A different trachy

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KY_PalmLover(6 KY)

PJ...nice pics thanks for sharing they look great! did you protect the Sabal Minors at all ???...on plant delights they said they have survived -24 in OK...I'm in Louisville KY..I believe it's '94 it hit -22 so it can get really cold here

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

Those are some hot pictures! My waggie is not even a year old yet, but it's trying its hardest to grow for me. I wish I had a garden or some land to plant them in, but for now they are in pots (inside) the house until the middle of March. It's nice to see how my waggie will look one day in the future! NIICE!

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I would suggest buying nice gallon size "Waggies" at a good price from Forest Farm in Oregon. I purchased two of them, and have been quite happy with what they sent me.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

Sorry, can't help on a source for waggies; I ordered seeds from Rarepalmseeds (dot com) about 10 years ago and my biggest one is just now starting to form a trunk. It's on the lower left in this photo, next to T. fortunei "Nainital" (formerly labeled as T. takil):

We had an unusually mild winter and it came through looking better than it ever has, so I'm hoping it bulks up a bit this year. The T. fortunei in this photo is actually a year or two younger than the waggie, and was smaller when it was planted. In addition to being a bit slower growing than regular windmill palms, waggies have much smaller leaves so the windmills will always outgrow them. They are very cute when young, but at maturity I think a regular windmill is more impressive. They seem to be about equal in hardiness.

BTW hardypalmfreak, are those your videos on Youtube? There are a lot more hardy palms growing around Washington, DC--next time you're in town feel free to email me if you want some tips on where to find some more!

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T.Fortunei as mentioned varies in growth speed and hardiness from plant to plant.

Some Waggies are slow but some are just as fast as Fortunei,my little
guy puts out about 10-12 leaves per year.

Some other ones I have had only grew 3-5 leaves per year.

You can usually find some small ones on e-bay.

Click for weather forecast

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