Lavender Lady/Z9

LovesHydrangeas(Houston)April 24, 2005

Just got a lavender lady and need some advice from hot climate experts. I've read through all the info I can find and am still not sure if full sun planting is appropriate where I live - too hot? Also, for pot vs. ground planting, temperature drops below freezing maybe a few nights a year and then usually for just a few hours. From all the posts, it sounds like planting this in the ground rather than a pot would be ok here as long as it got protection over the winter?

We have bougainvilla vines that aren't supposed to take the cold, and they've always been fine in the ground - they bloom like crazy even after a winter die back.

So, any advice would be most welcome - ground or pot and full sun vs. part shade. Thanks in advance!

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cincinnata(S. Spain)

I have Amethyst (aka Lavender Lady) both in a pot and the ground in full sun. Here in the summer we go to about 32ºC (although have had 40º) and we get the very occassional frost in the winter. Both do fine as long as well watered in the hot weather. Although not invasive in the sense they don't put out root suckers the one in the ground covers a low 6 metre wall. I don't protect either in the winter.

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I have Lavender Lady in pots on the east side of my house. I tried her in the ground a couple of years ago and she did not return. Of course I am in z8 so I am colder than you. I had taken cuttings before risking her in the ground so I did not loose her. Roots really easily so if you try her in the ground just take a backup in case we have one of those crazy winters. You can always trade the new plant if you do not need it.


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Thank you both very much for the advice. I've resorted to pots to grow hydrangeas because of the way my growing space is oriented, and they're spectacular, so I'll do some of both.

What did we do before the Internet for advice like this? Besides spending too much money on books!

Thanks again

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Just purchased an "Amethyst". Because I am in a climate with such a cold winter I will be planting it in a pot for outdoor use and bringing it inside in the fall through winter. The lady at the greenhouse gave me little information other then place in full sun (which I am not even sure about) and keep watered. I am looking for general growing information for a plant being transfered indoors and out. How to water, frequency? Temperatures? Indoor lighting? Any special care?

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flicker(z8b LA)

I have grown Lav Ldy for a few years. I live in 8b. My LL does just fine in the ground with a good mulch overwinter. It returns when the days are above 85*. My vine gets good am sun and pm sun until about 2:30pm. Still in mid to late summer the leaves do wilt down. I use this location for both ground and potted plants. Using styrofoan pots, I think, is cooler for the roots than any other kind. It works for me.
Also, If you want to bring your vine in for winter, make it lighter to carry. Use packing peanuts in the bottom instead of rocks or terracotta pieces. Works like a charm.

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