frost possible

helenh(z6 SW MO)October 10, 2009

Well it is after midnight and I frantically pulled some plants and have them in plastic bags in my basement. If I don't get the plants in they'll be dead and if I don't dry out my basement I'll have mildew. I did not think we would have a frost this early. I'll bet I have bugs and maybe little snakes come out of this dirt. Tomorrow I'll get some potting soil wet and put them in containers. I was sort of ready with cuttings and purchased potting mix. I thought I'd have more time

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I left three potted plants outside that I want to winter over; I am hoping the temp won't totally kill them! I didn't get it done because of all the rain. I will have to cut them back drastically, one is over the roof of the house. Will do that today and see what happens.

It is 34° on the outside porch right now so that means it will be freezing by sunup. I wasn't quite ready for this cold. Surely, we will get some more 70° days.

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It took me by surprise too. I put a couple plants in my garage that I thought would be most tender but there are a couple more on my patio that may get frost bit. I should've brought those in too.

Hate to see the weather getting colder but at the least the trees are starting to turn. The pretty colors soften the blow somewhat. lol

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I don't see any frost damage today on anything here.
But so muddy down where I need to get some things I may have to just let them go an start over. The brick on the house keeps most things going a little longer here. At least it has for the past few years.
Hope the frost won't get most of what I want brought in before the first of the week.
Came down w/the flu Friday. So wont be doing too much of any thing for a few days.
There are a few trees starting to change around here also, most of them are the neighbors, seems like mine is always late.
Helen that scares me just to think about a snake being in the soil I bring in.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I don't get dangerous snakes in my pots. Last year I found some harmless ring necked snakes in my basement when I brought pots inside; they dried up poor things.

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