Still getting ready for Winter

gldno1October 31, 2010

I got in two good hours of cleanup yesterday morning using the new electric chain saw. Some of the lambs quarter and poke weed had three inch diameters. I got it mostly finished. Now DH gets the fun job of hauling it off...two loads I think.

This is one bed that may just be mowed next year in my big garden reduction program.

It is the 'new bed' right outside the kitchen door. I will keep a narrow border and just mow in the middle (maybe).

From October 2010

I can actually see the gas tank now (not necessarily a good thing, but what was hiding it was perilla and weeds!)

That peach tree is a seedling from where I dumped peelings and pits a couple of years ago. I plan to top it this winter and see what develops. If they are tiny little things, down it comes.

Look at this critter I found on the ground. I hate it that I cut down most of their egg cases but maybe they will go ahead and hatch out back on the farm. They were huge, 4-5 inches long and very fat.

They were well camouflaged for this time of year.

I plan next to saw down the Awakening rose on the front porch and try to relocate it somewhere else. I am not impressed! It has 20 foot long limbs with killer thorns. Rebloom for me is very sporadic. Maybe if it is in a better location it will do better and maybe it will die!

In fact, I am not happy with the whole southwest foundation planting...........may keep going with the chain saw.


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I haven't even started cleaning up.

I think I need a chainsaw like yours Glenda. Can you use an extension cord with it? We bought a gas chainsaw after the icestorm, then it didn't work the next year. DH got the supersize one so I wouldn't have been able to use it anyway. An electric one might be more ladylike. Would you be able to cut down a small tree with it, like six or eight inch diameter?

I had no idea that lambsquarter got so huge. I think you're going to have a lot of seedlings. I get a lot and I don't know where they come from. I try not to let them go. Same with pokeweed but they are stealthy. Somehow they appear out of nowhere with ripe berries.
The praying mantids that get huge like that are from Asia. You may see one on your hummingbird feeder someday, waiting for a hummingbird meal. Someone posted a video of that on the hummingbird forum. Creepy that they're smart enough to do that. I think some people keep them as pets but I've told my kids they can't keep anything that requires a trip to the petstore to get live crickets or mice. ick

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Glenda is lose with her new chain saw and nothing is safe. Just kidding. A thorny rose by the front door is not a good idea. I have a little chain saw that takes gas and I have had fun with it. You are tempting me to get a small electric one because they don't always start easily. Putting in gas and chain oil and getting mad when it won't start makes you put off using them. When mine runs good and starts it is fun to use. I have thought about cutting back because I beat myself up for all the things I need to do. I can not keep what I have weeded and watered, but these sales on plants are so fun. Perennials are 70% off at Ozark Nursery. I got a tree peony and hellobore yesterday. Normally I will not pay for plants like that they are usually expensive. I will never have that half moon maple because of that. I am too cheap, but I will buy a million little things. It might be wise to be selective. Glenda you are so industrious and clever; you could experiment with grafting on that seedling peach. I have lots of clean up to do. I feel like I have all winter though now that the panic is over. My hall is full of plants. I don't have huge saucers for the big pots so I will have to figure out something.

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I still haven't done my clean up. Glenda puts me to shame! I purchased an inexpensive electric chain saw last year. I don't know how I ever did without it. I hate fiddling with gas engines. A couple years ago I splurged and bought an electric Mantis tiller. It is FABULOUS! It actually does a better job than our big old Troy-Bilt. The Troy-Bilt tends to jump and run away when it hits rock. The Mantis just throws them and keeps digging down. Love it.

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Christie, this should cut down a 6-8 inch diameter tree. I don't think mine is very powerful but it could be done. I cut down some sapling trees that were about 3 inch diameter.

Yes, I had two drop cords on this one and will need a third one when I move into the garden to prune the fruit trees.

Our son did all the clean up after the ice storm in our large yard with an electric chain saw.

I would rather have a new smaller gas one but, they are so fussy after a year or so about starting that I figure I can toss this one when it wears out and start over.

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

I had not considered that I had the 'Asian Type' of preying mantis. You have inspired me to read about preying mantis. DH is bitter and often implies female bugs are eating all the male bug in the yard. He implies that is the way of life. I guess mantises do eat there mates! I know someone who saw a mantis grab a hummingbird. Interesting reading.

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I have not even begun to start getting ready for winter. I did call about having wood delivered.
I cut the last of the large dahlias to bring in last weekend.
You all have a very large head start on me.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

How have you been jspeachyn5?

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I've missed you -- hope you're okay

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Getting along.
I suffered a stroke this past year. so Have been slowly relearning to deal with that. Some things are harder to relearn than others. lol Then I fell and broke my knee and ankle. So it has been a trying year to say the least.
I have miss reading all of your post as well. I have been reading for a while now. Just have not done any gardening so have just lurked.
What is in my beds came up from last year. Son will be here after I get a heavy frost to cut everything back.
Sounds like you have had a great gardening year.
Hoping to garden next year, good lord willing and I'm able!

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Oh my goodness! Sounds like you've had quite a struggle this year. I'm glad you're back and glad you have a strong will. Bet your family is too.

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I thought I replied yesterday. Must have not hit the send button.

I am sorry to hear of all your troubles. Sounds like you are determined and will be back gardening next year. Its great that your son can help you out with the cleanup.

Take it easy this winter and just concentrate on getting much better.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I missed you but hoped it was just computer problems or something like that. Sorry you've had such a hard time.

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