Another Plant Mystery

rockwhisperer(6a)October 23, 2013

This is something that came up at the edge of my garden. I took this picture in late September. It grew only about a foot tall. The leaves are aromatic, almost perfumey, but since it's bloomed I don't detect much smell from the leaves. They taste bitter. I thought at the time that it might be a basil, as I bought Holy basil seed from someone on eBay and there were lots of different kinds of basil that came up from that seed. But the seed cases of basil are rounded and this has tubular seed cases, like maybe an agastache?? I don't know if there will be seed or not. The flowers were blue and unimpressive. Been here three summers now and have not seen this till now, so it's not a native weed. Might be something the birds planted. I will go out this morning and break some of it off to bring in.

Helen, you mentioned you were ready for another mystery, here ya go..... (and anyone else too).

I'm having laser surgery on my knee today so may not be online for a few days. They tell me recuperation time is short.

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OK, and here's what I picked today. Some kind of mint maybe? Not much smell OR taste from that leaf today.

That's it from me till I can get back online after surgery, which may be a couple of days.

Thanks in advance to all who reply. Ilene

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have lots of this. Is this what you have? I hope your treatment goes well.

Here is a link that might be useful: perilla

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Looks like perilla to me too. It's a Korean cooking herb, comes in either green or red leaves. The red leaves turn green after it blooms, in fall. I think it has lost its usefulnes in cooking at that point. I like it as a contrast to other plants in the garden but when it gets ugly in the fall I pull it out. By that time it has reseeded and there is plenty for next year.


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Yep, it looks like you hit the nail right on the head.

I've always had the purple perilla but this is the first time I've seen the green. Helen, that link that you sent was very informative. Wish I'd known that a tea made from the leaves was good for nausea and I'd have had them all picked before frost.

Surgery turned out to be arthroscopic, not laser, and was a bigger deal than the surgeon made it sound like. I was sick as a dog after surgery and this morning, four days after surgery, was the first time I've actually been able to get downstairs to my office . He told Hubs he did some scraping and repaired a torn meniscus and did something else Hubs couldn't remember. I have a followup appointment in a few days, I'll get the scoop then. Still a ways to go, still using the walker. I got downstairs with heavy reliance on the quad cane and the sturdy stair rail, Hubs a few steps below me all the way. I told him if I fell I'd take him out like a bowling pin, but he insisted. So I'm on the mend. --Ilene

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I met a woman who thought she was going in for a scan and they operated. It really hurt and the knee was all wrapped up. When she went back for a checkup and they unwrapped it she saw where they had cut open her knee and she burst into tears. I hope they told you beforehand what they were doing.

The dentist gave me a pain pill once that made me feel like I was about to die. I can't take the codeine cough medicine either. Be sure to tell them the anesthetic or pain pill made you sick. I think there are other things they can give you.

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As I remember it, the doctor didn't even mention "arthroscope" but he did say he'd make four little incisions and go in there with a tiny camera to see what the damage was, and would repair whatever was wrong at the same time. I guess I just assumed it was a laser thing. They did use the word "arthroscope" right before they prepped me for surgery, and explained it in more detail. I could've backed out then but something had to be done, I don't think a torn meniscus gets better by itself. I could be wrong, but I gave it the whole summer hoping.

I will for sure talk to them about being so sick if/when I need to have stuff done again. I had a heel spur removed arthroscopically about two years ago and the surgeon sent me home with a prescription for nausea, which I didn't even have at all after surgery. I don't know what the difference is but obviously it was something. I might call that foot doctor and ask, just so I know.

Seems like today's doctors are done seeing you so fast these days, they're gone off to the next patient before you can even process what they tell you enough to think of questions.

I didn't feel like the post-op instructions were very good, there was a space for the surgeon to write his office phone number in and it was blank.

The foot surgeon, two years ago, personally called me the evening after surgery to see how I was and he had his office number AND after-hours number written down for me. The sheet he sent home with me had post-op exercises on it and heat-cold treatment and even a little electric "tingler" with electrodes which was supposed to help with healing.

There was none of that this time. A nurse from the hospital called me on the afternoon of the second day. I was given a sheet about Deep Vein Thrombosis and what to do to prevent it, and a sheet about when to remove the bandages but nothing very detailed.

I just today copied off some instructions of exercises to do after arthroscopic knee surgery, which don't sound like they'll hurt anything to try to do. He did write "no ambulatory restrictions" on my post-op sheet, after all.

I was to remove the bandages after the second day and I do just have four holes on my knee.

It sounds to me like your friend's surgeon made a mistake and performed the wrong surgery. It happens more than people know. But then again, maybe once he got in there he found he needed to do more. He didn't explain any of that to her? That's sloppy, and is what lawsuits are made of.

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