Ground or pots? And other newbie questions...

ShmeezeeApril 24, 2013

Hello all! I'm new to both passion fruit growing and Florida. I've got several giant yellow flavicarpas that recently sprouted, and I'm wondering where to put them. I've got a strip of dirt along the fence that could do, but I've been warned that they will take over my life.

If I keep them in containers, will they still fruit? How large a container?

Also: I've gotten the impression that purple hybrids will do better than regular purples in S.Fla. Has that been your experience?

And finally: any preventative measures to keep the bugs away? My poor tomatoes are being eaten by literally every possible type of pest, as I fear all my edibles will be!

Thanks for the help... I've been getting quite an education drifting about in these forums.


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If you plant them in the ground now, as small as they are, the slugs will eat them. Leave them in pots until they outgrow a one gallon pot, then plant them in the ground. As for pests on your other plants, welcome to Florida - that's one of the prices you pay for living here! I use a lot of slug bait, but other than that, there's not much you can do. I have found it worth living here, despite all the critters we deal with.

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Ah, thanks! I guess I just need to be patient and actually let them grow in a bit. I'm probably the most impatient gardener ever... Constantly hovering over my seedlings, willing them to grow faster and wondering if I should be doing anything else..

And yes, I'm trying to cultivate a kind of zen when it comes to the bugs. The climate just means I can grow all sorts of interesting tropical things!

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