I don't want to stop

MollyDog(6 PA)October 15, 2005

Worked out in the gardens all day...and a beautiful day at that. Everything still looks beautiful. It makes me sad to think it all has to come to an end soon. I still have over 1000 bulbs to plant that just arrived and mulching some new beds. I just can't stop.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

1000 bulbs LOL.
you don't have time to stop get the lights out get out there and get back to work.

That is a lot of bulbs. should look awesome next spring

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

So did you get them all in Mollydog? The weather worked out in your favor- it was perfect for digging.

What bulbs are you planting? It sounds like you went a little crazy with the Van Englends catalog or B&Becky's!

I'm so bad. I have ten autumn crocus that should have been planted three weeks ago. They're still sitting in their little baggie trying to send up sprouts. Plus there are the plants I want to save for the winter... all still outside, no cuttings taken. It's going to be one of those out in the dark on a 32 degree night things I know it. LOL.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

You'll be happy about your bulbs come springtime!

I planted 1000 bulbs, once, in a tiny in-town garden. For years afterwards, the garden was absolutely glorious each spring. Well worth one or two weekends of initial effort.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

you know this reminds me that I have bags and boxes of bulbs sitting down in the basement waiting to go in the ground. I'm already so far behind getting the gladiolas and others out of the ground and yard waste cleaned up I might be glad when winter sets in for the rest I will get lol. Same problem as when I got the bulbs though. Where to put them.

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I still have to put my bulbs in the ground!!! This weekend is looking yucky for us too!! Ahhhhh!

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MollyDog(6 PA)

I still haven't gotten my bulbs in the ground. I have to get out and take a picture of my gardens. I can't believe how beautiful it for this time of year. I'm getting depressed just thinking about no more gardening for several months.

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

I haven't gotten my bulbs from Brent and Beckys yet.

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gillian_(z5 PA)

I went to Sam's this weekend and those sneaks put a display of bulbs right by the entrance. I tried to ignore it and stroll on by but then they had another display set up. I gave in and bought a box of 100 blue flag iris. Now if I can only get a day without rain to get these guys (and the lilies still waiting) in the ground before it freezes. Oh yeah, it would be nice if I had room for them, too!

PS MollyDog, have you tried WinterSowing? It helps get through the Winter months with no gardening.

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homequaker1(z6 PA)

I planted 20 tulips for the first time this year. I have a lot of bulbs I dug up this summer from someone else's garden, but can't find them! I waslooking forward to planting them. Still enjoying the flowers, but we may get a frost this week.

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annld(6B PA)

Gee, and I thought *I* was planting a lot of bulbs this fall! I only bought 220. I got most of them in the ground last Sunday -- irises, allium, and daffodils. (I hope the daffodils do okay, since I planted them a little late this year.) Planning to plant 70 tulip bulbs this weekend.

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MollyDog(6 PA)

OK, planting 2,000 for my gardens wasn't enough. I went and ordered over 2,000 for my school. Hopefully I can muster up some help for those.

Heck, I'm still buying perennials on sale. Just can't let go yet.

This weekend is supposed to be nice so I am hoping to get most of the bulbs planted at my house.

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bulbs(z6 PA)

Molly,hope you get them planted(and have help for the school bulbs.

I have just a couple dozen daff's & crocus that need to get into the ground, finally having the room (daylilies taken). Tomorrow is out (other business) - but hopefully after church Sunday will be able to get them in. At least the ground isn't frozen yet - and that's the only thing that should stop any of us. LOLOL!

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MollyDog(6 PA)

I did it, I got all my bulbs planted (1,000 not 2,000). The 2,000 bulbs are for school, but they aren't planted yet. Now I have to wait for some mulch and I will be all tucked in for winter.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

oh I must laugh at you people who stop when the ground freezes! Don't you know you have to hide away some dirt in the garage so that you can pot up the reaaaaaaaaally late bulb purchases? LOL

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MollyDog(6 PA)

During the winter I will visit greenhouses just so I can smell the soil and plants. I have it bad!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Molly I do the same thing! There used to be a nice nursery which had a large greenhouse full of plants that actually grew while they were there. But now I have to settle for a big box store greenhouse where the plants barely hang on as they wait for someone to rescue them.

I can usually make it through the holidays with just a few poinsetta shopping trips, but then I have to return sometime starting late January to get regular doses of greenery. By the time late Feb rolls around I need a trip to one of the bigger greenhouses like Longwood or NY botanical.

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