Tomato support for passion flower trellis?

Geeklet42(7)April 2, 2013

I picked up a passion flower vine at Calloway's over the weekend. It came with a 3-bamboo teepee support, but it's already grown over that such that there's not much room for it to have support for further growth.

I've been looking at trellis options, and was curious if there's any reason not to make a 3-dimensional trellis. I live in an apartment, so have to rely on containers. I was thinking about picking up one of the adjustable/triangular tomato plant supports and pulling the corners in to fit the pot it'll need to go in. Run some twin between the bars that connect the triangle poles or run them up in steps, perhaps. But I'm not sure if there's a reason everything I find online suggests flat trellises.

So, any suggestions on whether it would do okay, or should I try to just stick with a 2-d standard trellis?

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Just in case it matters, I live in DFW, and the maps I've found suggest that I'm in zone 9a.

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