Do all cuttings of Edulis bear flowers?

pollywoggin(10aFL)April 1, 2009

Hi, I need your help. Someone wants to trade me a rooted cutting of edulis for my meyers lemon. Is there any guarnatee I will get flowers/fruits?

Thanks peeps :)


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jblaschke(8b TX)

If the parent is a flowering plant, then the cutting should be, too. Of course, the conditions have to be favorable--my seed-grown edulis have flowered only sporadically, and never at the same time. :-( Although the same can be said for my vitifolia. My Lady Margaret, incarnata and various decalobas, on the other hand, flower constantly.

Note that not all edulis are self-fruitful. The flavicarpas do need another pollinator, and other edulis varieties set fruit more readily with a separate pollinator as well.

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What would be your idea of the best pollinator for the edulis? They said the plant is well-rooted.
Thanks again for your help,

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