How to remove passiflora incarnata?

vajeff(7b VA)April 11, 2012

Where did this forum come from... I didn't notice it before. Should've posted here instead.

I have three passiflora incarnata that I grew from seed last year (big mistake). It bloomed and looked great. Unfortunately, it is starting to spread to every part of the garden via underground runners. I have 2-3' long above-ground sprouts everywhere... even up through the azaleas, emerging on the other side 4-5' away from the original vine. They're growing at an alarming rate. I tried digging some of them up, but they're very hard to follow in our dense soil without breaking or losing the leading root, not to mention that there is no way for me to get inside the azaleas to remove what's down there. I might save a few sprouts for potting up (never will I place a passiflora in the ground again!), but the rest needs to be completely eradicated.

Any suggestions on how to kill passiflora incarnata's root system? I've been reading that roundup should work, but at the rate these are snaking through my garden, I'm a bit leery. I've also read that 2,4-D (Grazon P+D) and PastureGard HL might work... granted this isn't farmland or anything of the sort, but if it works it works. If I knew what the tuber looked like, I wouldn't hestitate to dig it up and inject it with glyphosate. Starting to become somewhat desperate...

The irony in all of this is that last fall I finally managed to remove the rest (I hope) of the underground runner/tuber system of a very thorny bramble-like weed... in that very same location as the passion flower. Go figure.

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Dig a small hole,

get a soda can,

fill the can with Roundup or vinegar,

set the pop can securely in the hole and firm the soil around the can,

clip an inch off the end of the vine,

stick the vine down in the can,

tape the plant in the can opening so no air or moisture gets in, and it will kill the vine roots that drink it up.

You most likely will have several pop up, so just keep doing it until they are all gone.

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Not trying to benefit from your problem... but I am looking to obtain cuttings or rooted plants of p. incarnata, if you're trying to destroy it would there be any way to work you sending something to me to grow?

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

These plants make thick stands in the wild; I've seen one plant-borg cover hundreds of square feet.

The plant has a fragile stem, and appears to be specially designed to break off at the top of the root - I discovered that I had to be careful when digging wild plants, or I'd just end up with a stem with a white end. If you can loosen below with a long spade, you're much more likely to get the root.

Unfortunately, if your soil is tough to dig them out of, it's just going to be a game of attrition. If you keep pulling and/or poisoning the young shoots, it will wear out the roots. But it's not an easy game to win.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my blog entry about Passiflora incarnata - wildcrafting and jelly making

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I've been looking for this vine, at the nurseries here in Miami, FL. I want to plant it for the butterflies. I already have the Lady Margaret, some Corky, and one that was sold to me as a Blue Passion Vine. I would love to get a cutting if your getting rid of yours.

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

ilopez, if you want seeds, I'd be happy to send some, or I can dig you some starts - they would need to go in a box Priority Mail to get there without too much damage. Seeds I'd be willing to send for free; starts I'd be willing to send for cost of postage.

I planted seed this year, and have nine foot tall vines in a big pot, with flowers most days. They can get quite big fast from seeds as long as the nutrition and water is sufficient.

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