Caterpillars, already! Help!

bkay2000(8a TX)April 17, 2007

The caterpillars are already here. I took 3 big ones off on Sunday. Any ideas on how to deter them? Last year, I picked them off almost daily, but they still ate my vines down to stems. Two died, one limps and the last one looked like it would recover. That's where I found the caterpillars on Sunday.

Constance Elliott is the variety. It seems to be the favorite of the cates.

The caterpillars used to come about the first of September. Last year, they came in the spring and I had to fight them all year. It seems that this will be another good good caterpillar year.

Any ideas (besides BT)?


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I useally have them but not this year ,Last year they ate 24 plants to ground flowers and all.Im hoping they give my passifloras alittle more growing time before they hit this year.

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jblaschke(8b TX)

Normally, I have two big Incense--the parent and a vigorous daughter plant--that I move cats to from my more sheltered passis. Unfortunately, the ice storm we had in January hammered both of these Incense vines and they're very, very reluctant to come back. So I'm sort of up a creek--the big caerulea in the back yard is probably going to bear the brunt until my incarnata kick in the growth overdrive.

I don't actually have cats yet this year, thank goodness. A few stray butterflies have come by and lain eggs on my Constance Eliott and Lady Margaret, but I've crushed those when I've found them. I won't kill a cat, but I have no qualms about the eggs.

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