ninecrow(England)April 7, 2008

I'm SO Glad that all my Passies are inside....

This what I woke up to on Sunday

The Passie you can see is my Foetida

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I hate the snow, especially this late in the year but that really looks beautiful.

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rich_in_cal(z7 Cal)

It has been cold of late in California,but not that cold. We have had cold winds comming off the Pacific Ocean. The ocean temperatures are 50*.

The seedlings I have started over the winter are about 8" tall and about 8th leaf (all white). Other specie seedlings are not as far along.

The cuttings I have taken are also doing well. I start them in water with bottom heat (68*)and grow lux tubes at night. In a few weeks roots can be seen.Then I pot them up.


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