Please help me ID a passie

the_man_fernApril 19, 2008

i have bought a young passionflower cutting for my indoor grow room under lights

i would like to know what passion flower it is and if possible

what sort of day length it requires to trigger flowering

thanks for looking

and hopefully answering

picture off the box:

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wirtlo(z6 NV)

hey there -- not sure what kind it is, but does look something like P. alata. Although the foliage looks rather bright for P. alata, since mine is rather dark green and the inter-nodes are nearly brown/red. Sorry, maybe that helps a little. Do you have a picture of the actual plant you have?

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Possibly P. alata but there are others that look similar. The leaf veins don't look quite right. The link to the key should help. P. alata flowers summer to autumn usually and enjoys full sunlight. If you can't put it outside try somewhere between 12-16 hours light a day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora alata key

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thank you both

perhaps the picture on the box is brighter for marketing purposes to grab attention

i could put it outdoors but i would rather try to attempt to get it flowering indoors as my hobby is indoor flower culture

i have two 100 watt metal halides and one growlux blue enhanced 400 watt high pressure sodium bulb cooled by fans

i have found that Passiflora lavender lady flowers like mad (if i can keep spider mites at bay :-D here is a photo of the little cutting in place in the pot with the other passies

there is a young lavender lady seedling just behind it its the one with the ovoid leaves next to the orchid

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wirtlo(z6 NV)

hrmmm... it looks like it is too young yet to see if the leaves will become trilobed.

Here is what my more mature P. alata leaves look like, but the young ones look more like the one in your image. If your passie is a cutting, then I'd imagine the stem should match the color in this photo, and it looks like it doesn't.

And here is an image of some P. ligularis leaves.

The flower image doesn't match P.ligularis flowers (white/purple) though.. and your cutting image reminds me of P.edulis (the color and really glossy).

If you're growing orchids too, you might want to look into T-5 bulbs. I bought a 4-bulb fixture that is 4' long for $180 or so, and it is incredibly bright and doesn't put off the heat (well a tiny bit). But I haven't used a MH or HPS bulb before - I'd imagine those are brighter, but you also get a larger growing area with the T5's (I think).

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jblaschke(8b TX)

Just a point of accuracy, if you have a "Lavender Lady seedling" then in fact you don't have a Lavender Lady. Patrick Worley's hybrid is sterile. What you more likely have is the older hybrid Amethyst, which will cross with caerulea and other passis and produce viable seed from football-shaped yellow fruit.

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Hi Jblaschke
I have attached a link re the P. 'Amethyst' puzzle. P. 'Lavender Lady' as widely sold in USA is the same plant as P. 'Amethyst'. How this has come about no one is quite sure.

More importantly P. alata as far as I know only has single lobed ovate leaves so the first picture by wirtlo cannot be it. Lovely looking leaves though and would be great to see the flowers in due course. the_man_fern picture with the ovoid leaves though looks correct for P. alata but does not match the leaf on the box.

Here is a link that might be useful: P. 'Amethyst'

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thanks everyone for your helpful information
i am very interested to hear about the amethyst/lavender lady

as with the other one the younger seedling wasn't identified on the box

so i just scouted around and (wrongly) identified it as lavender lady by its flowers

thanks for correcting me

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