Better fruit? Incarnata vs Caerulea

chloeashaApril 16, 2012

Hi all! I was thinking to grow passiflora on my balcony. For our zone I know I need a hardy passiflora, and obviously incarnata will work but i was considering cearulea as well.

Does anyone have experience with both fruits?

Does one set better than the other? I know I need 2 for cross pollination.

Is there a trick to getting better pollination-- such as planting 2 incarnatas vs planting an incarnata plus a different incarnata variety?

I'm hoping for bloom all season as well (summer/fall), so if one is better than the other for that, it could be the kicker. The balcony gets quite a bit of shade but that is during the heat of the day.



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OK, after looking around all night.. I decided maybe I should try incarnata first since it seems to have more fruit and a more edulis-like flavor. I make jam and am hoping to grow my own :)

Has anyone gotten fruit from Brushwood nursery's incarnatas? They have decent reviews for the plants themselves, and so I was just curious. Also is there a large fruiting difference between incarnata and incarnata alba? I was considering getting one of each, but I wasn't sure if this would be a mistake.

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Incarnata can have ok fruit but I think caerulea fruit is nasty tasting. I have both the regular incarnata and I. Alba. The fruit from my Alba was a bit sweeter but I think that was probably due to growing conditions. My caeruleas produce more blooms then my incarnatas. Since you are more interested in fruit you might want to go with 2 different incarnatas for cross pollination since the caerulea fruit isn't what I would describe as palatable.

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Thanks! I ended up getting 2 albas and one regular incarnata. We'll see how that goes! Sunlight Nursery still had the albas, and I had decided after reading all over online that it was probably best to get a p. incarnata and a p. incarnata alba. :)

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

I realize this is from months ago - but I'd love to hear how you turned out with jam! I put up a post in the forum about my jelly-making adventures; it was challenging, getting the juice from the fruit because it was so mucilaginous.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my blog entry about Passiflora incarnata - wildcrafting and jelly making

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Awesome post! So I only got a few small fruits from the white and one large one from the purple. They smelled fine-- like edulis. I put the guts in the freezer so I haven't done anything yet. I am hoping to get some wild ones and then I'll probably combine it with apricot. I'll let you know!

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

Best jelly I ever made, was wild elderberry with wild passionflower - using the passionflower in place of the lemon juice in the recipe. Yum. Apricot should be lovely also!

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My fav with edulis was mango passion fruit. Plum and peach also worked well for a combination. I think it makes for a great fruit in combination. It is also lovely alone, but I liked the combinations so much I think I will stick with them. I didn't get rid of the seeds though. I'm lazy like that.

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

Yeah - I wish I could get away with that with P. incarnata! The seeds are like little rocks, almost - you can bite them hard and crack them, but they're certainly not easy to just blend in and forget about.

2010 has been the only year that I had enough fruit to even think about making a passionfruit-only jelly... I'm hoping it might work out again this year, but it hangs on timing of the season and the mowing schedule of the highway crews!

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Oh! I didn't blend them. They just stayed in whole. I tried a lot of different flavors in combo-- I like your idea of elderberry and passion fruit-- a nice, wild combination.

I'm heading to a park. They're on the side of the sidewalk, and my hope is to collect about 6 or so. I don't need that many!

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