Brrrrr......gettin cold out there!

dirtdivarocks(z6 SW PA)November 1, 2006

So, do you have all of your bulbs in the ground? Did you dig up those canna tubers? Did you get everthing in the ground that was sitting around in pots waiting to be planted. Do it now before it's too late! I still have a few bulbs to get in, other than that I'm good. Got all the hosta planted and did a good fall clean-up. How about you?

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I'm not quite done with my fall cleanup, still a few weed-choked flowerbeds to clear out. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend, although it's getting harder and harder to be outside. I'd rather curl up inside under a blanket.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

Its windy and cold today. Nice sun though. I have a few things to do outside before Winter also.

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Got all my plants in that I wanted, just waiting for the snow to fly.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i'm all cleaned up and winter-mulched in the flower beds. just dug two new ones along a fence line and expanded a dedication bed. the next project is getting to the vegetable garden. i really would like mother nature to take care of it but that's what got me into the predicament (sic) in the first place.

can you believe this is it for the season?

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

This summer flew by, I can hardly remember it.

There were a few garden highlights, though...

The rugosa roses grew like crazy, finally getting tall enough to screen a small front patio, giving it a hidden room-like feel.

6-ft-tall yellow echinaceas I divided in the spring bloomed very happily, they were spectacular.

The flower beds and lawn area around our new bedroom balcony pleased me all summer long. I spent lots of lazy afternoons there, reading books in the hammock under the honey locust tree.

Ah, it was a nice summer.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Bulbs planted, houseplants inside, water pipes blown dry, tools and hoses put away, cuttings made, mower deck removed from lawn tractor and snow blade readied for attachment.

Still need to do weeding and cleanup of some beds, and get the leaves off the lawn after they stop falling. Gotta see about having a tree service in to remove a large tulip tree (2 trunks, each 24-28 inches diameter)before spring. It's about to kill out all my sun lovers as it shades over half of my front yard. Tree is only 32 years old, but they grow fast.


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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

It was cold today. I potted 4 pelagorium for inside this Winter. Its supposed to be in the 20s tonight.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

October seemed unusually cold to me. I'm usually working outside through December, but not this year.

Maybe I'm just getting old!

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dirtdivarocks(z6 SW PA)

I agree. For some reason, it just seems too cold out there. I do have some indoor plants and plant lights set up in the basement for some of my special annuals. I want to do some winter sowing later. (Never did it before) Wish me luck on that one. I'll be checking out the winter sowing forum. In the mean time, I've decided today that I want some "nail tips" for the holidays. What a treat. I'll keep em until spring, when the diggin begins!!! I finished up with the outside this past weekend and I feel good. It was a super gardening season for me, I can't wait to see what everything will look like in the spring!!

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My garden cleanup isnt quite done.. im leaving the Elephant Ears in the ground, dont care if they dont come back.. I have to cut down my hosta.. im hoping to do that tomorrow.

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