Possum Grapes Anyone?

shekanahhMay 30, 2009

For years, since moving back to Oklahoma, I've heard the word, "Possum grapes".

Possum grapes, or what the heck are these things popping up inside most of my evergreens and growing like crazy? I keep pulling them out as best I can but this year they seem to be all over the place.

Are they any good to eat? And should I try to domesticate one for juicing, or jams? They seem like a pest.

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Most are sour. Some people claim that some are sweet but I have never had a sweet one. You just have to let it grow out and see.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I fight to keep them out of my flower beds and veggie garden, and you have to be as agressive as they are (or more so) because if they ever get their roots well-established, you can't get rid of them.

They are usually sour, but the wildlife love them, so I leave them alone in the woods so the wild things can feast on them. Some people make jam or jelly out of them, so I guess it is possible to add enough sugar to make them palatable.


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Thanks Plantermun and Dawn...I guess that settles it. I'll keep yanking them out, and stick to my cultivated lone grapevine. In it's 4th year now and producing grapes for the first time.

This is a battle. I have been fighting junk tree saplings and poison oak. I don't know where this stuff comes from. This is THE worst year...guess it's all the rain we had early on.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Where do they come from? They come from everywhere.

1. The birds eat the berries/seeds and 'plant' them if you know what I mean. These sort of junk plants are always worst along the fence lines, power lines, etc. where the birds like to sit.

2. At our house, the squirrels also do a really good job of gathering and planting pecans and acorns everywhere, so little oak and peacan saplings pop up in my veggie beds constantly courtesy of the squirrels.

3. Plants with windblown seeds are the worst. We get little elm trees all over creation here.

I'm sure the weedy trees and vines travel in other ways too, but at our house it is almost always the birds, the squirrels and the wind that spread them where we don't want them.

This is the worst weed season we've ever had here, and most of the problem weeds have only sprouted in the last month or so.....ever since it started raining here on April 28th or 29th. I've got most of the veggie garden weeded, heavily mulched and back under control, but I thought the weeds were going to win for a while. Now I am tackling the flower beds, but I have to be really careful as I do so because the snakes like to hang out in the flower beds.


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If you have possum grapes, I will be more than pleased to come harvest them for you. I would LOVE to have them. A little advance notice that the are beginning to ripen would be much appreciated so I can arrange for child care. Please email me directly. Call it a win-win. You get rid of sour grapes. I get something that reminds me of my childhood. Yum!


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seedmama - Also reminded me of my childhood. My Dad and I would squirrel hunt in an area that had a possum grape vine and we would stop and snack. Just for the record, I don't eat squirrel, but I loved to go hunting with him.

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Let's put it this way. There will be no possum grapes anywhere in my gardening area, if I have my way about it. They are growing up in my shrubs and evergreens, and making me have to work in very dangerous conditions in having to deal with them, (snake territory), and as some of you may have figured out, I don't like snakes.

As Dawn said, she leaves them to the woods, and that's probably the best place to look for them. There should be plenty available for picking this year.

From what I was able to find online about them, they can strangle a tree and bring it down. The vines seem to migrate from tree to tree, some getting strong enough Tarzan could swing on them. There is no way I'd want that started anywhere near my gardening area.

Sorry I couldn't help you, but if you wanted to domesticate some of the danged things, I have plenty of starts your welcome to. :)


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They are wonderful... and make the best Jelly, I have several starts here growing and cannot wait for the wonderful fruit.

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i have them everywhere. last year i cut them down because they were in the trees, but not long after that they were back in the trees. i plan on spraying them to kill them in my yard. i allow them to grow along the fence if they are not near trees.

speaking of squirrels. we have corn growing up in our new grass. we figure the squirrels buried the corn there. i told my husband if the fescue dies this year we can plant corn and keep it mowed.

actually anyone that is having brown spot. the lawn area of garden web told me to use corn meal and so i got 50 lbs. and the fungi is gone. i am so happy. i was not so sure about organic gardening before then. we tossed out our bug poisoning as well.

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