prune and transplant spirea

plaidthumbMay 11, 2005

You folks are great! I've been lurking and looking for the last 2 or 3 weeks since stumbling across this site, and have learned so much. I use a number of different forums across the web for many different subjects partially because I'm too cheap to pay for advice, and partly because this way I get soooooo many different ideas to sort through. This is the only group of forums I utilize that doesn't seem to have resident flamers lying in wait, looking for a chance to prove their superiority...

We have two spirea bushes that need to be trimmed back and moved. I searched for answers, but didn't find one about transplanting. From what I've read, I think I'll need to prune them this fall. Do I need to wait until then to move them also?


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TulsaRose, Tulsa OK(7a)

Hi Otis...Glad to see a neighbor posting. :-) This is a great forum and really nice people participate. Regarding your Spirea, maybe this website will give you some pointers.

Have a super day...


Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Creek Forest

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I think you could probably transplant them now if you could get a big enough root ball when you dig them up. You don't say how big they are, though. If they are very big, it might be better to wait until late fall, when they go dormant, to both prune and transplant them just so you don't stress them out with the pruning and transplanting and then have them croak in the heat. Then you'd need to be sure they didn't dry out during the winter when the new roots were forming.
They need all the root system they have to gather enough food and water to bloom and survive. Have they bloomed yet? I'd definately wait until after they bloom.

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OKC 1--Unfortunately, I have no idea if they have bloomed. They're at the opposite end of the house, and I never really pay any attention to them. LW wanted them 'cause she grew up with them; they were end-of-season cheap a couple years ago, and filled a hole, so we got them.

They're a 2-3 feet high and across. I think I better wait until fall, based on what I've been reading. that'll also give me time to enlarge and amend the area they're going to. They will handle almost full sun in OK, right?

Tulsarose, thanks for the link. It answered some questions and raised others.

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Good work researching and thinking about them, Plaidthumb. It doesn't matter how much you spend on a plant, it's the pits to have them die on you because you didn't do something the right way. And, it's a thrill when you can find out about a plant and do what it takes to make it live, too!

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Some more information about the spirea would be helpful. There are so many different kinds now, I would be afraid to offer any advice about trimming. It's okay (actually a good idea) to trim the spring blooming spireas. The summer blooming varieties will not bloom if you trim them now.

I would also be careful about transplanting, because we are getting into the stressful time of year for plants. If you do move them, plan to give them a lot of water. The plants are used to more roots than they are about to have.

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What kind are they? Are they the weeping bridal veil type or a more hybrid bush type. What color do they bloom? Either are about bullet-proof. The old bridal ones sucker so much it is hard to get rid of them and the new ones, me and a friend shovel pruned his wifes in the middle of summer and both are nice bushes now. it is not the moving that really will get them but the after care they get.

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Here is a picture (I hope). Does this tell anyone what kind I have? It's blooming away this evening. Sorta lavenderish blooms all over the thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: spirea in bloom

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