Removing vegetable garden

Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)December 20, 2006

I've decided to rework the design of my gardens next year, and the biggest change will be removing the 24x24 enclosed vegetable garden.

I'll keep the asparagus and raspberry beds, but the rest of it has been a weed-choked guilt-inducing eyesore for the past two seasons. The deer fencing will come out during my Christmas vacation, and I'll replant grass in the spring. I'll make room for veggies in the flower beds around the house instead.

Me + large vegetable garden = failed experiment!

Has anyone else out there ever reduced the size of their gardens? I somehow feel relieved, now that the decision is made.

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Now that I am getting a bit "older" and can't physically do what I used to do I have a whole new appreciation for doing what is best for me. I have through the years modified and changed many of my gardens. Don't feel guilty about any garden change. Change is good! Think of this as an opportunity to try something new. Gardening, with everything that goes with it, is still the best thing I have ever done. So Carol don't be too hard on yourself about a failure to live up to your expectations. Relax and enjoy the gardens whether they are successful or miserable failures. Try something new, be bold and enjoy. To you and yours Merry Christmas.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

I used to grow a 1/2 acre veggie garden, but after about 12 years of it, decided I could buy veggies and spend time growing flowers. I love fresh garden veggies, but I decided flowers gave me more pleasure. It wasn't too hard to maintain, I used a 5 thickness newspaper layer covered with 6" of straw for mulch, and turned it all in each spring. Biggest problem was the only level ground I have is about 100 yards horizontally and 100 feet vertically from my house, so the trek was a bit daunting. It has now returned to nature.


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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

thanks for the kind words!

I'm getting excited about reworking the area where the vegetable garden is. It's in a pretty spot, at the top of a slight slope with a good view of the rest of the property, next to a small wooded area. Could be a pleasant place for a bench. I'm going to move the adjacent compost/manure pile too, so it won't be visible from the house anymore.

And I'm not going to bother with deer fencing. Hopefully I'll get to the asparagus before they do.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

The veggie garden is gone. It was hours of work, even with the front end loader. The wire fence removal was the worst part, ugh.

Taking down the tall fence opened up a long sloping vista past the front of the barn. I'm excited by the change and sat out in the fog yesterday admiring the new view. It's fun to have a new space in the garden.

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Hi pipersville carol, glad you're pleased.

I didn't reduce the size of my garden, but I changed the way I gardened so I no longer have to weed. Moved to lasagna gardening and mulch, mulch, mulch. Results? Great veggies and flowers, no tilling, no weeding. Boy, what a guilt, more birds and good bugs, and more time just to sit and enjoy the garden.

I agree with mombo, change is good! Have fun with your new garden space!

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Lasagna gardening? I'd love to know as I've got many really large beds.

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