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angie83(9)April 20, 2007

This is a bud been like this for weeks its a crimson tear passiflora but when will this guy open they are so slow to open up.I want to pollenate it does anyone know if these are fruitless some hybreeds are seedless .

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I have no idea. I just got a CT about a week ago. It had a number of large buds buy they dropped due to shock and having to keep the plant in my house because it's been so damned cold. I have a bunch more buds developing so hopefully I'll see blooms in the near future. My Alata and Platyloba have buds that seem to hang on forever until they finally open. It drives me nuts. I'd check them everyday and they'd be these big green balls. At least their blooms lasted a fairly long time. Please post a pic when your CT opens. I'd love to see what it looks like.

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Well it opened finally and it has no cent and no pollen but is beautful think its ganna be like lavender lady no fruit or seeds.One of my tri opened but no pollen to pollenate it, sad.I did take some of the tri pollen and put it on the crimson tear but dought it will work.

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