Passiflora Triloba

joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)April 16, 2006

My P. Trifolia died and I've tried to get another one with no luck.

My Passiflora Triloba. I moved it and it died. I'm devastated!

Is anyone interested in an exchange if you have Passiflora Triloba?

I have the following vines and I could root any of them for you:

Passiflora Lady Margaret. Butterfly larvae food

Passiflora Byrons Beauty. Gulf Frittery larvae food.

Passiflora vines. 2 others but I don't have their id's.

Aristolochia ringens small flower. Polydamus butterfly larvae food.

Aristolochia ? similar to ringens but with a huge flower. Polydamus butterfly larvae food.

Jasmine Sambac Grand Duke of Tuscony. (this is more of a shrub than a vine I have found.

Jasmine Sambac ?Maid of Orleans? same as J.S. Grand D. in growth.

clerodendron X splendens. colour red/purple/white

Stephanotis Floribunda. white 'bridal wreath' flower.

Clitorea Ternata. brilliant blue. seeds extremely well. I have seeds of this vine as well as a well rooted and flowering vine for exchange.

Stephania - It may be 'Perreiri' but I'm not sure about this. Its known for the growth of its HUGE bulb. Rare. It has a reddish sap and for the very first time I have buds on it right now. I presumed it was a non-flowering variety.

Telosma Cordata. I have small rooted vine for exchange.

Hope someone has a Passiflora Triloba for exchange!!! Thanks.

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ethane(9 FL)

Did you get my message?

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ethane(9 FL)

If some one has triloba and is reluctant to trade because joanmary may not have something you want, look at my list to see if I have something you may want, so joanmary can send me some Byron Beauty. Email me if that sounds good.
(So to explain: You send joanmary triloba; joanmary sends me Byron Beauty; and I send you .)

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ethane(9 FL)

I just learned a valuable lesson: don't put things in brackets as they come out blank. Previous message should have said, "I send you (insert plant here)."

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I don't have triloba, but I'm very curious about your experience growing it -- bloom season, fragrance, size, etc -- if I can find one and end up buying it, I'll send you a cutting!


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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Please forgive me for not answering earlier.
Today I was able to fina another P. Triloba after waiting such a long time. Thank you so much for offering to share. I really do appreciate it.

ethan, your idea of sharing is unique and very workable!

jimshy, I cant remember just what months I did have the triloba before it died. And it only died cause my DH objected to where I had planted it so I moved it and it Hated that move! I do know it was a very fast grower, and bloomed early and with regularity. The fragrance also wafted nicely. Its not a gardenia like fragrance as in being very flowery, rather a more musky fragrance which I loved. My plants (yes I bought 2) are still small. I'll make a note of the date today and see how fast they grow and let you know of the progress.

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