uses for passion flower in the landscape...??

tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)April 1, 2005

i was curious and wanted some ideas on how to use passion flower in my lqndscape...thanks....cliff

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From an Artist's standpoint: Vertical lines and accent. Coupled with mass and texture over a plane. (like a wall) Cover a bare wall, fence, or frame a window. Revive a dead tree with the green foliage of Passiflora. Cover up unsightly things like a garage, utilities (careful there...) sheds, woodpiles, or neighbors. Use it towards the back of a planting on a support, or bring it closer to a pathway on a trellis for up-close viewing of the detailed flowers. Send that bugger up to a Second-story window.

Or something else.

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I'm more of a visual person, myself.
Here's the overall pic:

On this one, you have to turn your head. I cna't figure out how to flip the pic, it won't let me save it when i try to, so turn your head to see it (see all those buds!!) I'm standing by the water barrell, to take this pic.

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