What type of passionflower do I have?

laurieanngarris(9/Houston)April 26, 2007

I bought 4 passionflower plants, and none of them have a name on them. Only one of them has open flowers, so I will be posting others when they open. Could someone tell me what this one is?

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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jblaschke(8b TX)

That's either Amethyst or Lavender Lady. Both look almost identical. The only real way to tell them apart is that the Amethyst will set fruit, while Lavender Lady is wholly sterile. Either way, you have a vigorous, free-flowering hybrid to enjoy!

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The best way to tell is does it have pollen or nothing. pollen means you have a amethyst no pollen you have a lavender lady.Thats the only way I can tell them apart.

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Well, I checked today and it definately has pollen on it.

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I think I have that same one also .

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