ack01April 13, 2013

Hi guys, I am looking to grow some type of fruit producing passion vine. I have a huge vitifolia growing wild in my back yard. It has never produced fruit however. After doing a little reading it sounds like the fruit it produces is not to tasty. What variety can I buy that will grow and fruit well in south Florida.

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This site should give you the information you need:

Here is a link that might be useful: Edible Passiflora in Florida

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

I know this is an old post, but to anyone trying to get fruit from p. vitifolia, you will need another passionflower to do it. i.e.: P. Vitifolia needs a pollinating passion, such as edulis cultivar, in order to fruit. It will not pollinate itself. And the fruits are delicious! If you choose p. edulis as your pollinator, they taste just a bit subacid and richly sweet.
BTW, P. edulis is self-fruitful, as long as you have bees, ants or butterflies to kiss one flower to the next. Or diy with a cheap paintbrush.

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